What is Asian Handicap Betting?

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Asian Handicap Betting

Popularised in Asia (as the name implies), Asian Handicap is a form of football betting whereby teams are handicapped according to their capabilities. In this way, weaker teams start the game with a ‘virtual lead’ in order to ‘level the playing field’. This provides a fair, efficient and relatively simplistic betting system. The Asian Handicap rules, odds and table are explained below.


By handicapping football teams, bets take probability into account in a way that is more aligned than traditional odds. Although it may seem confusing at first, Asian Handicap betting actually simplifies matters by only giving you two options – betting on either the home or the away team. This eliminates the possibility of selecting a tie result, essentially giving you a 50% chance of success.

Stronger teams start with a negative handicap (e.g. -1) and have to compensate by scoring more goals to win the bet. Similarly, weaker teams need to score fewer goals to achieve the same outcome. Punters backing the team with the higher score (taking the handicap into account) win the bet.

There are two different types of handicaps – half goals and whole goals. In a half-goal handicap, there is always a definitive winner as half goals cannot be scored in football. In a whole-goal handicap, the result may be level after the handicap is applied – in this case, all stakes are refunded.

Odds & Handicaps

Asian Handicap odds are determined in a way that makes the chance of either team winning (taking the handicap into account) at close to 50% as possible.

Home 0.0, Away 0.0

In this scenario, both teams are equally matched. If your team wins, you win, if your team loses, you lose, and if the game ends in a draw, your stake will be refunded.

Home +1.0, Away -1.0

Here the home team is considered weaker and thus begins the game with a 1 goal ‘virtual lead’ (+1). In this case, the away team would need to score 1 goal to draw (refunding your stake) and 2 goals to win. If the home team wins the game or no goal is scored, they effectively win the handicap bet – if you backed the stronger away team in this scenario, you would lose your stake.

Home -1.5, Away +1.5

Here the home team is considered stronger and thus begins the game with a 1.5 goal ‘virtual penalty’ (-1.5). In this case, the home team would need to win by at least 2 goals to win the bet. Should you bet on the weaker away team, you would win if they win, draw or lose by 1 goal.

Handicaps are calculated and verified by industry-leading experts. They take numerous factors into account in order to achieve the most accurate and fair figures.


The possibilities of the Asian Handicap betting system are best represented in table format. Please look below for an explanation of outcomes in various scenarios.


Although it may seem complicated at first, Asian Handicap is largely considered the simplest and fairest football betting system. By eliminating certain options and meticulously calculating the handicaps, it provides a thorough and fool-proof way to bet on your favourite games and teams. Join the action today!


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