What is arbing? How could I go about doing it?

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Sports Arbitrage

What is arbing?

Arbing, also known as matched betting, sure wins, or miracle bets is the practice of betting opposite outcomes at different bookmakers following calculations that a certain bet that will eliminate risk and definitely make a profit.

This calculation is done by taking advantage of the odds at different bookmakers and ‘playing them against each other’ to ensure an overall profit.

One of the key factors to being successful at arbing is to be patient. Most arbs will only make you a small amount of profit, so you will have to be patient and keep at it until you have accumulated significant winnings.

Since there is no risk involved in arb betting, many people wonder about the legality of it. Arbing is 100% legal, although it is frowned upon by most online bookmakers as it causes them to lose money. If a bookmaker picks up, or even suspects that you are arbing, they can suspend your account. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have multiple betting accounts open so that you can spread your bets out and have back up bookmakers if you do get suspended from one of your accounts.

How can I start arbing?

To start arbing, you need to be good at researching and have quite a bit of spare time on your hands. To find an ideal arb bet, you will need to look through multiple sports, matches, etc. and compare those odds to other odds at multiple different bookmakers. You will also need to set up accounts at all these different bookmakers (minimum 10 is a good start). In order to do this research, you need to be determined, well organised, patient, and have good mathematical skills.

Basically, what you need to do to make your first arb bet is to find two different bookmakers with extremely different odds on the same match/game. You can only do this with sports that have just two or three possible outcomes.

Here is an example:

In tennis, there is a match between Player A and Player B. You see Bookmaker 1 is offering odds of 1:6 on Player A winning and 3:9 on Player B winning. You then see Bookmaker 2 is offering greater odds of 1:9 for Player A to win and smaller odds of 2:9 for Player B to win.

If you place a $200 bet on Player A at Bookmaker 2 and a stake of $200 times the result of 1.6/3.9 (your smaller odds divided by your greater odds) on Player B at Bookmaker ($82), you will have placed an arbed bet.

In total, you will have bet $282.

If Player A wins, you win $380 from Bookmaker 2 – a $98 profit in total!

If Player B wins, you win $319.80 from Bookmaker 1 – a $37.80 profit in total!

As this example shows, if you arb correctly, there is no possibility of loss. Once you get going, make sure to make detailed notes on your transactions and keep your bet size according to your bankroll.

You will need to continuously make bets in order to succeed in arbing over the long run and make substantial amounts of profits!


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