The phone will clear itself and power again with the login screen. Why Won’t My iPhone Turn On Past The Apple Logo? If your iPhone stuck on the apple logo during update, one of the easiest ways to fix this problem is forcing restart it. This doesn't however mean that it is any less distressing especially when you don't know how to fix it. More Less. 2. We know it’s stressful when your iPhone won’t turn on past the Apple logo. same on our xr. Having read this article, you come to know how to handle iPhone X won't turn on stuck on Apple logo. My notes, safari, photos, messages, passwords, and backgrounds. Hi Anon, I have actually the same problem as you with iPhone 7 Plus; which just happened today. And, of course, hardware can be the source of the problem – though you should know that this by no means makes your phone a lost cause. Step 3: Now once again turn on your iPhone, while turning on press and hold Sleep/Off + Volume up button simultaneously. Since they may be the ones who caused it, there’s a chance they’ll fix your iPhone, free of charge. Simply enter recovery mode as described above, and then instead of opting to update, select restore. 1. First things first: relax – we’ve got your back. Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo via AnyFix. Tried this as well and I’m stuck and can’t get out… help, My iPhone XS Max is stuck on white apple logo won’t turn on, My iPhone 6s is stuck on the Apple Logo and turning its self off, I’ve tried everything on YouTube and it’s been like this for 2 in a half days and I can’t do it with my computer because I don’t have one. Apple feels your pain — software glitch can make your device not working properly every now and then and a simple restart won't fix the problem — and introduce a recovery mode to help you deal with issues, including iPhone XR stuck on the Apple logo and will not restart, to … Read further to get more details. The phone may reset on its own, or you might have to press the power button to get it going again. It took my phone back to factory settings, but I store my data in the cloud so everything was recovered. Fix iPhone won't restore in recovery mode; Fix my iPhone is stuck on the Apple Logo, iPhone screen went black, iOS downgrade stuck, iPhone update stuck, etc. If the hard reset doesn’t work, it’s possible that your phone may have been in the middle of an update and been interrupted, or that for another reason, reinstalling your IOS can get things back on track. To take a quote from our own article, we described DFU mode as ‘this is the highest level of restore you can perform on your device.‘ So, if force reboot or even recovery mode did not bring any success, DFU mode is the way to go. When I hold the power button and the home button, it comes up with the apple logo for a couple seconds then it goes black screen but it is still on. If you are experiencing an issue with your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus where it won’t turn on and is stuck at the startup screen with an Apple logo on it, then we have got the right solution for you. Option 3. If I had to take a guess, I’d say that there might be some kind of battery issue, but there really isn’t enough information to tell. This will take about 10 seconds. Support iPhone 12/12 Pro(Max),iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max), iPhone XR/XS/XS Max, and iOS 14 and earlier. If you tried to replace anything on your own, you’ll want to get the iPhone back into its original state before taking it into an Apple Store. In this article, I’ll explain what to do when your iPhone won’t turn on past the Apple logo. iPhone X: Press and release the Volume up button > press and release the Volume Down button > then press and hold the Side button (ON/OFF), until the Apple Logo reappears. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone, it is likely that you may have damaged the internal hardware. The way to hard reset an iPhone depends on which model you have, so we’ve broken down the process for each device. 4. When he's not writing, he enjoys trotting around the globe, trying unfamiliar foods, and testing unmarked doors to see if they're locked. Step 2. He enjoys breaking down complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways. But in reality, it is not that big of a deal. Not only when iPhone stops at Apple logo, but in many other minor iPhone problems, has this tip turned out to be fruitful. im trying find out if it worth saving my phone. For all models: My IPhone 6s is showing the apple screen for like 15 minutes, and I already tried to press the home and power button but the screen turns black and goes back to the freezing apple screen. Did you try putting your iPhone in DFU mode? 5 solutions to fix iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) stuck on apple logo 2.1 Wait until powering off, and charge iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) The first, and perhaps the easiest solution, is waiting until the battery on your iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) dies completely to turn … Part 2. same. There are a few reasons why an iPhone stuck on Apple logo can’t complete the boot-up process (which is why this phenomenon is known as a “boot loop”). They repair iPhones on-the-spot and offer a lifetime warranty on the repair. Hard Reset an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, or iPhone SE (1st generation) Step 1. Did you ever get if fixed and if so, how? 3. In that case, you should consider going to get it checked out to see if it needs repairs. my iphone 4 keeps turning on and doing the apple logo but the logos got a black slice through it. It is highly unlikely that one of the aforementioned methods won’t resolve this issue. I think the problem is that my iphone wont connect to the computer, I know its not a usb problem because the usb works in my other iphone. This app fixes various iOS issues, such as stuck Apple logo, boot loop, frozen screen, startup issues, and other problems. He is fascinated by home appliances and how they work. After gobbling up a leftover turkey sandwich for strength, many of us will set out (or more likely, lumber over to the computer) this Black Friday to further gorge ourselves on some of the year’s best deals on televisions and other nifty gadgets. If you’ve just replaced a part on your iPhone and are now having this problem, it may be a good idea to try to reseat that part. Since your iPhone is unresponsible, the normal restart cannot be carried. The Apple logo is displayed on your iPhone while all of this is happening. iTunes will take some time to restore the device but your iPhone 6 won't possibly be stuck on the Apple Log anymore. Fix iPhone X frozen on Apple logo via iTunes will cause data loss to some degree. I put in dfu to restore but it says it cannot restore and goes back into recovery mode, my iphone5 it start by on and off now is flashing the logo doesent want to turn on. hi..My iphone 8 is stuck on apple logo for last 3 hours..I tried the hard reset, doesn’t work…plugged it to itunes (it doesn’t show there)..what to do..! How to hard reset an iPhone 6S or earlier: Hold down the power button and the home button simultaneously for up to 10 seconds until the phone restarts. In this article, I'll explain why your iPhone 7 is stuck on the Apple logo and show you how to fix the problem for good. I thought that would erase everything, but, if you have things saved in iCloud, you can get that stuff back! Perform A Hard Reset On Your iPhone 8 Or 8 Plus. iPhone 8 stuck on apple logo screen and won't connect to Mac. When your iPhone is stuck with Apple Logo, it’s frustrating. i tried to contact apple but i needed something in settings. What do I do? Please whats the possible solution to this problem. After jailbreaking, my iPhone won’t turn on past the Apple logo, and just stuck in boot loop. That's what could happen when your phone crashes during startup, upgrading, data transfer, or restoring. Since your iPhone won’t turn on past the Apple logo, you’ll have to do a hard reset. I found a way to make the phone work. I’m having the same issue right now. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. i was reseting my network settings and then my phone got stuck om the apple logo and wont go off and i cant connect to itunes because It sends a number to a phone number to allow you to get in help please. xs phone only Apple logo is showing I can’t turn that on. Fix iPhone 6 Stuck on Apple Logo without Data Loss. Please let me know how you solve your problem if you did find a solution. This tutorial is mainly introducing why this problem happened on your iPhone and the resolutions to fix it. Keep holding the buttons until you see the Apple logo. Fix iPhone is Stuck on Apple Logo Through Force Restart iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. If you accidentally dropped your iPhone, it is likely that you may have damaged the internal hardware.

iphone won't turn on/stuck on apple logo

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