Roulette Myths: Do roulette wheels have magnets?

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Now that you’re on a roll, and getting your roulette gameplay on, the last thing you want to find out is that the roulette table you are playing at, the roulette wheel that is being used for your gameplay has been rigged, and the casino house, or rather the dealer is able to manipulate the roulette gameplay outcomes.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes the case for some roulette game players, as it has been known to happen that some illegal casinos have taken to making use of gaffed wheels for their roulette gameplay offerings.

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A gaffed wheel is quite simply, a wheel that employs magnets whereby the casino house will be able to cheat players out of a natural roulette gameplay and accordingly out of potentially winning some cold hard cash money.

Generally speaking, one needs to avoid illegal casinos at all costs, as it would most likely be the illegal casino that will employ the use of roulette wheels that have electromagnetic components embed within the roulette wheel.

One may be able to spot a gaffed wheel by the fact that it looks quite different to a normalised and standard roulette wheel. So, be sure to know your roulette game, and what the roulette wheel looks like, in order to be sure you are not being duped and playing on a roulette wheel with magnets.

Making use of a roulette wheel with magnets may be a rare occurrence, but it is by no means not unheard of and could be a very real reality for any given casino game player.

Be sure to always get your roulette game on at a safe secure and reputable casino, as the chances of being made a sucker of with a roulette wheel with magnets are indeed significantly diminished when playing at a reputable, safe casino.

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