about New York’s opportunity to legalize medical marijuana. Everyone knows marijuana is far safer than heroin (and most other drugs, including alcohol); that’s established science. http://t.co/1iuxnPZfC8, RT @richardbranson: Just Say NO to the #warondrugs! Please give The House I Live In a #NetflixHi5! Our final episode, "The House We Live In," is RT @mikerobertson24: Just watched ‘The house I live in’ – easily one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. Tell your politicians to support #SmarterSentencing now! Support the Smarter Sentencing Act now: http://bit.ly/1j1kXpW, For our HuffPo series in support of the Smarter Sentencing Act, we hear from a Republican on why criminal justice reform has become the most bi-partisan issue in our politically gridlocked country. http://t.co/9nnr8OVwYo. Hypocrisy About Drugs http://t.co/bOYnxUA4jD. While recognizing the seriousness of drug abuse as a matter of public health, the film investigates the tragic errors and shortcomings that have meant it is more often treated as a matter for law enforcement, creating a vast machine that feeds largely on America’s poor, and especially on minority communities. Screen Recorder. Saw this documentary last night and can not begin ... “Politicians, police officials and community... Why are some drugs legal and some prohibited? They are seeking more than policy reform, aiming to transform the mindset and the conversation about race, punishment and justice in the United States. Almost all Americans agree that the failed war on ... “The federal government should repeal the ba... Last Week Tonight with John Oliver brings you the ... ICYMI: Very exciting news! Tonight @ 7pm in #Baltimore, IBW/The Institute of the Black World 21st Century is hosting a screening of “The House I Live In” which will feature an amazing panel discussion — come on down, it’s free and open to the public! Highly recommended, Mexican newspaper El Universal Online has released documents that prove the DEA has allowed the Sinaloa cartel to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs from Mexico into the United States. Great news! A very telling chart about our prison system. Here’s a helpful voter’s guide #YesOn91 #Oregon #YesOn71 #WashingtonDC #YesOn2 #Alaska #Florida #YesOn47 #California #NewJersey #Maine #Michigan #NewMexico #Guam #NoMoreDrugWar, Drug Policy Alliance “Tomorrow is the big day! Help end the War on Drugs and inform others about this guide! Most Americans favor legalizing marijuana, but most in the GOP do not. Check out Eugene Jarecki’s new interview in The Guardian, in which he is asked to critically examine the filmmaking of ISIS videos. Bratton says that stop-and-frisk is “more or less solved.” What do you think? Thank you and please share with all your friends!  Join millions who agree the Drug War has failed: http://t.co/e0dqhnm1WR #SmarterSentencing, RT @ACLU: Just say no to the War on Drugs. What greater success do/can you have in life other than understanding the (valid) definition of “Love?” It's a lack of opportunities, not natural differences, that's Documentary. JUST RELEASED: You can now stream or download The House I Live In with over 60 minutes of new additional material through our website. It is possible he will address the push for sentencing reform, and possibly go further to strengthen his positioning to enact substantive change. He said the new course “rejects the notion that we can arrest and incarcerate our way out of the nation’s drug problem. I felt I was wronged, and my oldest 2 kids were taken away from me. What an amazing and thought provoking documentry. More on our drug policy reform work: http:…, “Hundreds of people made their voices heard at State House in Boston in favor of eliminating mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug crimes.”. Watch the Video http://t.co/nCEy3mGvPK Then tell Congress to ACT http://t.co/X2hCvqid…, RT @EBONYMag: Just Say NO! See you again in September! He had the misfortune of being convicted and sentenced under one of the harshest drug statutes ever conceived in the United States, Michigan’s so-called 650 Lifer law, a 1978 act that mandated an automatic prison term of life without parole for the possession of 650 grams or more of cocaine. #SmarterSentencing, RT @JoyAnnReid: And here’s the link to the video for “Just Say No to the War on Drugs” https://t.co/xRjeBfiATr includes how to get involved…, RT @JoyAnnReid: If you want to support @EugeneJarecki’s “Just Say No to the War on Drugs” project peep the video & more at http://t.co/wsmb…, Check out this piece written by Eugene Jarecki today on The Huffington Post about why we need to Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs! Filmed in more than twenty states, The House I Live In captures heart-wrenching stories from individuals at all levels of America’s War on Drugs. http://bit.ly/1XJDaZN Two bipartisan bills now under consideration aim to unwind our decades-long mass incarceration binge and to keep it from happening again. When this info. Sentencing reform is one of the most bi-partisan i... A very well-written article about how the media co... Tonight @ 7pm in #Baltimore, IBW/The Institute of ... A new Pew survey shows the changing tide of the dr... RT @Peabody_Awards: Official citation for #Peabody... Bobby: “It’s tough, it’s real tough. The House I Live In provides us with a penetrating look inside America’s longest war, offering a definitive portrait … Wolfgang Mitter, “90% of Portugal’s anti-drug resources are spent on treatment and prevention; 10% on policing and punishment. Asian Indians were not legally white, even though science classified So excited to have you here and can’t wait for Sunday. Ineffective and destructive. http://t.co/bWmLA9iyxo http://t.co/1Vyetinixo, Minority communities still comprise up to some 86 percent of misdemeanor arrest on 2014.— Newsweek reports, “Nearly 75 percent are held [in jail] for nonviolent offenses, such as traffic violations or drug charges. #NoMoreDrugWar, Inspiring work coming from Soul Fire Farm. @EugeneJarecki dir. Not only would many offenders avoid the crippling mark of a felony record, but the expected savings to the state government of up to a few hundred million dollars per year would be earmarked for mental health and substance abuse treatment, for counseling of potential school dropouts and for victim services, in hopes of breaking the cycle of crime. NEW YORKERS: You’ve helped us get closer than ever to finally passing medical marijuana in New York. Less than a year later, in the case of United States v. Bhagat Great article about anti-marijuana propaganda… Just say NO!! You should know better, Chuck Rosenberg. Watch the premiere of Evolution of a Criminal Film on Independent Lens | PBS tonight at 10PM. Medical marijuana will be a major focus of @NYGovCuomo’s State of the State address. known as "Asiatic Turks," succeeded with the help of anthropologist The Documentary Network. Tomor... Drug Policy Alliance “Tomorrow is the big da... “In the last thirty years, prison spending i... Just 5 days left to pledge! They have nothing to do with drugs, the price of drugs doesn’t change. RT @UncleRUSH: If Philip Hoffman was alive today + we all knew he was on heroine, how many ppl would say he should be in prison? This is an on going pattern and practice. It does not work... RT @Peabody_Awards: See the #PeabodyWinner site fo... RT @rustyrockets: Hassle congress about drug laws ... Our campaign is officially Upworthy! RT @damnitrebecca: Really enjoying The House I Live In – incredibly good documentary about America’s war on drugs. You’ll receive $1 off when you enter the code “FACEBOOK” at checkout. ht…, RT @mattwise88: The House I Live In is one of the most fascinating and gripping documentaries I have ever seen. no other way." RT @DrugPolicyNews: Flag on the Play: Why the #StonerBowl is No Laughing Matter http://t.co/7zfPFVPc82 #SuperBowl @DPA_NY. Ps.The ultimate climb/war that is fought anywhere on earth can always be reduced to “Love” (“selfless”) vs “Greed” (“selfish”). http://t.co/PUZsAYFzRj, Free screening of The House I Live In at The George Washington University on October 29th at 8PM. Legalization ends discrimination! Obama’s restoration of #Pell access to people currently incarcerated: http://colorofchange.org/…/civil-rights-group-puts-billboa…/. As this article points out, cash bail doesn’t keep us safer or contribute to anything like “justice,” but it does grease the wheels of the criminal injustice machine. address, he argued that instead of devoting $80 billion to incarceration, we could invest in pre-K and jobs for teenagers, both of which would return the investment far more grandly than a life diminished behind bars.”, “While the new program, which makes the grants available through a collection of experimental sites, sheds light on the educational opportunities — or lack thereof — available to the growing prison population, even supporters of the policy worry that ex-offenders need even more help making choices on matters of educational and professional development once they’re out of prison. Help end the War on Drugs and in... Help end the War on Drugs this election day! As we observed from the movie, the house I live in captures all those involved in promoting and fighting drug use, from the front dealers, the narcotics officer, the grieving parents who have lost their children to the drug abuse, to the senator and inmate to the federal judge. I watched your very informative and touching documentary. It is not based on science. measure, shows the accumulated impact of past discrimination, A call to national conscience, the activist documentary “The House I Live In” is persuasively urgent. Powerful Powerful film. Episode Three: The House We Live In (1:00:51) NARRATOR: It is all around us. “More than 130 police chiefs, prosecutors and sheriffs — including some of the most prominent law enforcement officials in the country — are adding their clout to the movement to reduce the nation’s incarceration rate.” – The New York Times, We can’t end mass incarceration without ending the drug war! “”Nobody at all is helped by drugs being made illegal, unless of course there is a conspiracy to marginalise, condemn and persecute disenfranchised members of our global community.”, RT @DPA_NY: Today we’ll be at the Institute for Community Living #BK to show @DrugWarMovie and talk w staff & clients abt Tx and public hea…, Something we can all now agree upon: “Democrats and Republicans agree the metastasis of the prison-industrial complex is unhealthy.”. Kudos to our Executive Producer and friend John Legend for winning his first AMA for Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist last night! http://t.co/PUZsAYFzRj, “Last year the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimated that opium exports accounted for 14 percent of the country’s GDP.”. Interesting to learn about the prospects for industrial hemp in America… Did you know that our Constitution was written on hemp paper? “If you’re a middle-class reader, you probably see the justice system as protective. For more information on Pres. What the drug war has succeeded in doing is to criminalize the poor. of Peabody-winning “House I Live In” (@DrugWarMovie) writes “Just Say No…to the War on Drugs” ht…, RT @WesCPE: Via @EugeneJarecki of @DrugWarMovie fame, “JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs” http://t.co/TjP8ROOgJy …, Scott Budnick, producer of The Hangover franchise, writes about the innovative correctional educational programs at Ironwood State Prison in California, and why they should be a model for the nation. RT @SarahKSilverman: End the drug war. responsible for continuing inequality. Watch in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Luxembourg, Mozambique, Namibia, Poland , Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uganda and, Zimbabwe: http://dogwoof.org/UVam5F It was magnificent! was discussed 12 years ago it was thought to be a lie. President Obama on marijuana: “My concern is when you end up having very heavy criminal penalties for individual users that have been applied unevenly and in some cases with racial disparity.”, RT @tkriii: Panel discussion @TheWrightMuseum after @DrugWarMovie screening w/@yoditmj, @_mikeellison_, @jessicaCaremoor & more. This change will positively impact nearly 50,000 American prisoners inside America’s prisons. More evidence of the shift in public opinions and attitudes towards marijuana. Akil Gibbons, Outreach Manager for The House I Live In, is the producer and director of his own film about the struggles facing urban youth today entitled Paper City. Check out Eugene Jarecki’s new article in TIME Magazine on Paris, Isis, and the War on Terror. About 85 percent of those at Rikers haven’t been convicted of any offense; they’re just awaiting trial, sometimes for as long as hundreds of days.”, “Enough is enough. A town in Massachusetts treats addicted persons like patients instead of criminals, and it’s working. Do you wish Breaking Bad was still on? Subscribe to our Youtube channel, like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/aSavagecityproduction, and share widely. Fear of criminal prosecution increases the risk of overdose deaths. What Salon calls the “Drug war’s massive defeat” is underway, and if you sent a letter to the Sentencing Commission you played a part in helping 46,000 drug war prisoners and their families move closer to justice, potentially reducing their sentences by an average of 2 years each. New @DrugWarMovie http://t.co/jOrovMha9o. Watch the Video: http://t.co/910PBDXwmP Then tell Congress to ACT: http://t.co/SCONh4xlqR, RT @aloeblacc: War on Drugs? http://bit.ly/1FKJzgZ, “35-year-old Mosby, only four months into her role as state attorney, powerfully articulated that police brutality would not be tolerated and that she would seek justice on Gray’s behalf.”, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! What we perceive as race is one of the first things we notice about each other. Al Jazeera English reports on the United States use of solitary confinement before the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva. ” – The Atlantic. Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the impact of mass incarceration on the black family in his next Atlantic cover story. Support the Smarter Sentencing Act and tell Congress to Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs: http://www.thehouseilivein.org/advocate, California AG Kamala D. Harris writes about how her state is leading the way for prison reform; “We are at a seminal moment in time for criminal justice policy — not just in California, but across the nation” #SmarterSentencing, RT @MorganSpurlock: Just Say NO to the War on Drugs! As Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun wrote, "To WATCH IT http://t.…. Wealth, more than any other Very important, incredibly depressing. We need to end the war on drugs, which is a major force behind locking up so many black men today. The film went viral, becoming an online sensation with over 7 million hits in just its first three weeks online. When this info. “…people are struggling to grasp the enormity of a case that pulls together all the forces that feed the monstrous violence of the drug wars.”, “…child psychiatrists say that shackling is so damaging to a child’s developing sense of self that it may well push him or her into further criminality.”, Our friend Spencer Wolff has made a great film about Stop & Frisk in New York City – Stop – premieres next Tuesday at the IFC Center – get your tickets now! On the anniversary of the assassination of our country’s preeminent civil rights leader, Op-Ed columnist Katrina vanden Heuvel reminds readers that the struggle to achieve true equality for African-Americans continues to this day. Call Gov. Jarecki’s film, The House I Live In, won the Grand Jury Prize for U.S. on science, which classified them as Mongoloid rather than Caucasian. Democracy Now! Important announcement from Drug Policy Alliance &... “The New York Police Department, which has b... “The measure passed, and California will now... RT @DPA_NY: Join us 6:30 pm tonight @BAJI for @dru... “…statistics are even worse in D.C., w... Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipel... Washington Post just published an interesting arti... Democracy Now! RT @DrugPolicyNews: Groundbreaking Bipartisan Legislation Reforming Federal Drug Sentences Passed By U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee http:/…. Obviously Bill Murray is against the drug war because Bill Murray is awesome. Sen. Rand Paul, a possible Republican Presidential nominee for 2016, has announced a bill to restore voting rights to non-violent felons, specifically referencing the damage done to poor communities of color due to the war on drugs. We are so excited to have Eugene Jarecki, director of The House I Live In, to be featured in and teaching a master class at the 36th Annual Habana Film Festival today in Cuba. Tell Congress: pass the Voting Rights Amendment Act: https://t.co/O9P8ai0uSm #Oscars2015 http://t.co/V8s39…, The personal possession and home cultivation aspects of Alaska’s new marijuana legalization law go into effect today! But when states in the Deep South, which have long had some of the country’s harshest penal systems, make significant sentencing and prison reforms, you know something has changed.”, “President Obama on Monday will ban the federal provision of some types of military-style equipment to local police departments and sharply restrict the availability of others, administration officials said.”, “Gov. Please watch the video and then tell Congress to JUST SAY NO…TO THE WAR ON DRUGS!! Very happy to share this #BRITDOCIMPACT award with... “As part of the National Defense Authorizati... RT @dogwoof: . ... RT @UncleRUSH: Just Say NO! Proud to see the film broadcast in Poland this past week, home to a strong movement for drug policy reform. Join us for a FREE screening & discussion tomorrow, Friday 7/11 at 6pm hosted by Delancey Street Foundation & Criminal Courts Bar Association – RSVP now to: [email protected], RT @EugeneJarecki: Tell Congress to support #SmarterSentencing & tell the US Sentencing Commission to end unjust mandatory minimums NOW htt…, RT @SF_FilmSociety: #MustSee: Free #SF screening of @DrugWarMovie Jul 11 6pm @ Delancey Street! – http://www.thedimedroppers.com/2015/09/white-boy-rick-wershe-records-do-not.html, “There are more than 6,000 men currently imprisoned at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola—three-quarters of them are there for life, and nearly 80 percent are African American. People across the state are suffering, and over 80% of New Yorkers support allowing access to medical marijuana to provide relief. This moment is historic – you can truly make change happen today! The film begins by looking at the massive immigration from eastern Broadcast your events with reliable, high-quality live streaming.