The working hours for the Seoul Metro are from 5:30 am until 1:00 am from Monday to Friday. Add money to your card and use it for the subway. Line 1 started working on August 15th, 1974, with trains driving through the business districts located in downtown Seoul. Courtesy of Coming Soon: Subway Stations. Map: See how to reach a specific destination. Le métro de Séoul se situe au nord-est de la Corée, c'est un système de transport de chemin de fer, d'une longueur de presque 330 km, comprenant 9 lignes et 300 stations. Add keywords. * To follow your route, click on the map and move your mouse. All stations have 4G broadband internet coverage. This control system only requires assistants, which are available for customer support services for the passengers. The reason for this is quite understandable since, like all metro stations in the world, these stations can be used as shelters in case of terrorist attacks or during war. The wagons have air conditioning and acclimatized seats that are automatically warmed during winter. However, given their 4,000 won price tag, it may not be worth it to get T-money cards for stays at Seoul that only last one or two days. 영어판. It is marked in brown on the Seoul Metro’s maps. See train arrivals, real-time alerts, current and future service, accessibility information, and more. High quality Seoul Subway gifts and merchandise. These walls, besides protecting the passengers against noise and dust, prevent the area between the platform and the train to become crowded, therefore preventing people from being trapped in a crowd. - Payment method: Most lockers accept transportation cards; some lockers also accept payment in cash. Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map. Art prints, posters, scarves, pillows... Book Shop. Carte Du Métro Corée. This line begins at Soyosan station. Overnight bus service in the Bronx from 1-5 a.m. Brooklyn Bus Night Map. This line will connect line 4 from the Sungshin Female University with line 6 in Bomun station, and with lines 1 and 2 in Sinseol Dong. Book In Advance. It is managed by a state-of-the-art train control system, which allows the trains to work without any driver inside them. In other words, tickets allow transfers from the metro to the bus or vice-versa, as well as transfers from bus to bus. Please direct questions or comments to the Webmaster, Copyrights (c) KOREA TOURISM ORGANIZATION. This line was fully finished on the following year, on August 2001. Most subway entrances take the form of a covered staircases by the sidewalk, accompanied by a yellow train logo. - Tmoney & Cashbee Try it out. It is unknown whether he was a layman, priest or monk. In the Seoul Metro’s network, each city district and their surrounding areas are joined together. Line 1; Line 2; Line 3; Line 4; Line 5; Line 6; Line 7; Line 8; Line 9; Incheon 1; Gyengui; SinBundang; Airport Railroad; Bundang; Jungang; Kyeongchan; Zoom In + Zoom Out - * To enlarge the map and focus on a particular area click on the ZOOM In button. However, expanding the metro’s lines to offer more transportation in Seoul’s satellite cities would generate an increased demand for transportation in these cities, since there are a large number of potential passengers in them. This way, you would know which wagon to board. Pinterest. Line 2 was built between the years 1978 and 1984. [email protected] | Copyright 2010 Metro of Seoul Asia / South Korea. Seoul Subway Metro Map 2018. Free App . Seoul, South Korea. So you want to use Korea's subway system but you're suddenly mind blown by the amount of people and Korean language. The remaining two digits represent the position of that station with respect to the first station of the line. 한국어: 수도권 전철 노선도. Each subway line has a designated color to aid passengers in using the subway with ease. The Seoul Rail Map is a train route city map that includes all Metro Lines, KTX, AREX, Gyeongui–Jungang, Gyeongchun, Bundang, Suin, Shinbundang, Incheon Metro, Everline, U Line and Airport Link in the public transport network of Seoul city area. They can be refilled to be used once again. To go to Gimpo International Airport, you need to board the metro in line 5 or 9, and head towards Gimpo International Airport Station. Overnight bus service in the Bronx from 1-5 a.m. Brooklyn Bus Night Map. Maps & Navigation; Add Tags. Add keywords. Currently, this line’s route goes beyond Onsu on western Seoul. The price of a single ride ticket is 1,350 won (approximately €1), which includes a 500 won deposit that can be refunded at special automatic machines (called Deposit Refund Devices). You would not use the metro enough times to justify the relatively high price. The total length of the subway line is approximately 327.1km, including 290km underground. Its frequency is between four and six minutes during off-peak hours, and between two and three minutes during peak hours. With 2.5 billion yearly passengers, this is the busiest metro system in the world. This line is managed by the Seoul Metropolitan Railway Corporation, and belongs to the cities of Seoul, Bucheon, and Incheon. In summary, the T-money cards are essential prepaid transportation cards that can be used until the money loaded in them runs out. Tickets can also be bought in many kiosks (such as 7-11 stores), which are found in any metro station, as well as throughout the city. They can obtain a free ticket, or they can use the side doors to board and exit the metro, instead of using the turnstiles. South Korean Half-Day Spa Experience. Seoul Subway high resolution map on your phone without internet connection. The easiest to reach Incheon’s airport is via the AREX line, which was inaugurated on 2010. Afterwards, in 1993, its railway was expanded with the addition of 51 stations between the stations of Sindorim and Kkachisa. Early 5th-c. theologian. Best of all they feel very safe. All together system consists of 24 lines and 580 stations. This line is managed by the Seoul Metropolitan Railway Corporation, and belongs to the city of Seoul. The system serves nearly ten million inhabitants of the capital city, Seoul, and the provinces of Gyeonggi, Incheon and northern Chungnam. The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is a metropolitan railway system in Seoul, South Korea. Comprehensive platform Routing display Cross-device support INAT guidelines set New standard for Korea Teamwork Seminar Urban Identity Award Red Dot Award - Communication Design - Best of the Best Subway Map for Colour-Blind People, Naver Corporation, 2015. The section from Bupyeong-gu Office Station to Kkachiul Station on Subway Line 7 is outside of Seoul city limits. It is marked in pink on the Seoul Metro’s maps. For teenagers between 13 and 18 years of age, the price is 720 won. Reduced Service Hours: Metro Service Ends at 12:00 a.m. Now . In the case of children between 7 and 12 years of age, the fare for the tickets is 450 won. These cards can be bought by either debit or credit cards, or by using smartphones with Android operating systems that are capable of supporting the T-money cards. As a fun fact, some stations have vending machines that sell gas masks. On the main stations, information is also given in Mandarin Chinese and in Japanese. Besides the number and the name of the station, the name of the following station and the previous station can be read on the platforms, both in English and in Korean. Comprising a whopping 23 lines, the subway map more closely resembles a plate of kaleidoscopic spaghetti than a transportation guide. This map also includes Incheon Metro system and the Shinbundang Line covering the Seoul metropolitan area. Enter your personal information from the list below. All of these features make the Seoul Metro the best metro service in the Asian continent, as well as one of the best in the world. click for Fullsize. And, if the distance travelled is over 50 km, 100 won will be charged for every additional 8 km travelled. no ratings. Besides these 9 lines from the Seoul Metro, there are many additional lines (totaling 19) in the city, totaling in 975.4 km (606.1 miles) of railway length. It is also ranked second in the world in number of stations for a metro system. The signposts and maps are written in Korean, as well as in English. The use of a single color for each line, including the trains, stations, cards, and transfer points makes it easy for foreign tourists to find the trains for each line. If you consider that the information we provide is wrong, not accurated, outdated, translation contains errors, and you would like to help us to improve the can contact us here: [email protected] The cards are known as T-money, and they have dimensions similar to those of a credit card. Comprising a whopping 23 lines, the subway map more closely resembles a plate of kaleidoscopic spaghetti than a transportation guide. Seoul Metro runs lines 1-8 after the merger in 2017 of Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation (Seoul Subway) (lines 1-4, ... New maps also include Incheon's first subway line which is linked to the Seoul subway network via Line 1. Pinterest. Apple iTunes. The stations are generally two to three minutes away from each other by train. available english, korean language. Seoul Subway Map. Fares by distance (KRW 55,000~102,900) Fares are calculated based on travel distance to your final destination within the Wide Area Subway lines and Metropolitan Subway lines. I was lost but now I’m found!!! Download APK … All together system consists of 24 lines and 580 stations. It is located underground. Maps for special service during the coronavirus pandemic. It is marked as dark blue in the maps for the Seoul Metro. All stations have maps indicating the exits, the avenues and streets where the trains stop, which exits have escalators or elevators, and even the location of the available restrooms (which, much to tourists’ surprise, are always in pristine conditions). T-Money card. Even if you can’t read or speak Korean, you’ll easily find your way around Seoul on the metro. The Seoul Metro Company (owned by Seoul City council) operates lines 5-8 on its own, but lines 1-4 are operated jointly with Korail, the state-owned national rail company. It travels to most of the regions in the metropolitan area of Seoul, including the Incheon International Airport, all of the cities in the outskirts of the capital, and other cities that belong to the Gyeonggi province. 2367 × 1632 • 715 KB • JPG. From … In addition, most lockers offer instructions in multiple languages. Maps for special service during the coronavirus pandemic. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 【 Photo: Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map (Credit: Seoul Metro) 】, 【 Photo: Ticket vending and card reload device 】, 【 Photo: Use the deposit refund device to receive your refund 】, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List. The system serves nearly ten million inhabitants of the capital city, Seoul, and the provinces of Gyeonggi, Incheon and northern Chungnam. Seoul metro Seoul metro map redesign for the NAVER navigation platform Client: NAVER Corporation Seoul, South Korea 2015. It is located underground. Seoul subway map. * To reduce, click on the ZOOM OUT button. Seoul Subway Map (Source IRTC1015/Public Domain) Seoul Subway Lines Line 1. Let Seoul Subway de-stress your journey and do the hard work. English: A map of Seoul Metropolitan Subway. - Exclusive Tourist Cards. Examples: park "national … View Location View Map. - Busan Transportation Corporation: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) Announcements. One comment on “ Seoul Subway Map ” Richard Sparacio says: March 23, 2017 at 2:40 am Thank you . Journey Planner. Some regional lines in the network stretch out beyond the Seoul Metropolitan Area to rural areas in northern Chungnam province and western Gangwon province, that lie over 100 km away from the capital. 서울 메트로지도 . The Seoul Metro, which is located in the northeast of South Korea, is a railway service with almost 330 kilometers of total length. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. However, some adjacent stations are 15 minutes away from each other by train. Download Seoul Metro Subway Map and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. S'inscrire. The Seoul Metro is the ideal means of transportation so that tourists can visit all of the historical places, as well as other touristic attractions such as theme parks and, eventually, sets and locations where movies are filmed. With regards of the safety of its passengers, almost all of the stations from the metro have glass walls on the platforms’ edge. The subway operation hours are from 5:30 to approximately 24:00. It is unknown whether he was a layman, priest or monk. This map shows streets, roads, rivers, parks, UNESCO world heritage, museums, galleries, shops, casinos, hotels, public transport, tourist information centers, points of interest, tourist attractions and sightseeings in Seoul. The number of yearly passengers in the satellite cities of Seoul can be compared with the metro services of big metropoles such as the cities of Tokyo or Moscow. These cards have RFID technology, which makes them useful for different tasks, such as giving the customer their refund from the deposit made at the time of purchase.