Ideal for corners, nooks and crannies due to its unique double-swivel joint, Features depend on model. shut off. Subject to technical changes; no liability accepted for the accuracy of the information given. The power indicator is integrated into the handle and is therefore always visible. The Electro Plus power brush can be used on just about any type of … The Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet Canister Vacuum covers a variety of floors. Enter the serial number for your appliance in the white box. Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet Canister Vacuum is an electric brush canister vacuum. miele calima c3 coming in a variety of types but also different price range. $949.00. Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet. The serial number can be found on the data tag. On selected models the motor switches off automatically. All you have to use is the included Parquet Twister floor brush. For gentle and extremely quick cleaning of sensitive hard floors. High suction power – 1,200 W; Optimum carpet care – electrobrush for intensive deep cleaning; Gentle on delicate hard floors; Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filter; No need to stoop thanks to plus/minus foot controls; Categories: Canister Vacuums, Miele, Vacuums. To avoid the unpleasant effects of these dis- It may be too soon to comment on the powerhead as I'm still getting used to it. Its length enables cleaning of difficult to access, narrow crevices. Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet. For those of you who wish to the best miele calima c3, you should not miss this article. Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Overview. Under certain conditions these charges will be released. This protects both furniture and … For easy, quick and thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture. The Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet canister vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution for homes with thick, soft carpeting as well as smooth flooring. Features depend on model – images are only examples and used for explanation purposes. Can’t say nothing negative about this vacuum. Extra quick and convenient: The entire cable can be rewound by simply tapping the footswitch. Its SoftCarpet power setting, combined with the SoftCarpet Electro Plus electrobrush, is gentle enough to maintain the look and feel of soft carpets, but strong enough to produce an incomparable clean. The problem with this new carpeting is that the power heads tend to sink down too far into the carpet. Power Adjustment /- Foot Switch. Switching between heights on the power head is easy with just a tap of the foot. The Miele Soft Carpet C3 Complete vacuum cleaner was specially designed and engineered for customers with the new “Ultra Soft” carpeting. If any product that bears our limited warranty Seal proves to be defective within two years from the date it was first sold to a consumer by an authorized retailer, we, Good Housekeeping, will refund the purchase price or $2,000, whichever is less or, at Good Housekeeping's sole discretion, repair or replace the product. The Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet carries a 1-year warranty for parts and labor and 7-years on the motor and housing. It is ideal for cleaning a variety of smooth floors, low to mid-pile rugs, and all carpet types including Soft Carpet. The vacuum has specifications for Hardwood and smooth floors. For that one I drag out my old Eureka with it’s self-adjusting head. The Miele SSP10 Natural Bristle Dusting Brush features soft horsehair bristles that gently buffer debris found on chairs and couches. (06/18/2020), M-F 8:30-7PM EST • SAT 10-5 • SUN 10-5, Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Operating Manual, How to Prolong The Life of Your Miele Vacuum, Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Product Sheet, Miele Complete C3 For Soft Carpet Upholstery Tool, Miele SSP10 Natural Bristle Dusting Brush, Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Upholstery Tool, Miele SFD20 Extended Flexible Crevice Tool, Miele AirClean Dustbags Type GN - 16 Pack, Miele GN Performance Pack and HA50 HEPA Filter, Miele AirClean Filter Bags Type FJM - 4 Pack, Miele SES118 Electric Vacuum Cleaner Hose, Miele SF-HA50 HEPA AirClean Filter - 4 Pack, Miele Complete C3 SoftCarpet Crevice Tool, One pre-installed Miele Complete C3 For Soft Carpet Pre-Motor Filter, Six levels of digital suction control designed to clean carpet and smooth floor surfaces, Premium HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, Large capacity Miele GN bags hold 4.76 quarts of dirt and debris inside hygienic, self-closing collar, Low noise, 1200 Miele vortex motor was engineered for whisper-quiet operation, Lightweight skeletal construction makes for easy transport from room to room, Miele SBB300-3 Parquet Twister Brush seamlessly collects debris on smooth floors while the Miele SEB 228 SoftCarpet Electrobrush tackles pile carpeting of all heights, One touch cable rewind coils the 36 ft power cord inside the canister for convenient storage. canister vacuum cleaners with electrobrush for thorough cleaning of heavy-duty carpeting. Miele C3 Soft Carpet The Miele C3 lineup has a variety of full sized canister vacuums for just about any type of floor in your home. Soft Carpet fibers are much finer and have more fiber strands than traditional carpet. The vacuum cleaner switches on again automatically when the floorhead is withdrawn. Practical: Floorhead & suction tube are parked at rear. You can pick up the Kona here. This powerful but quiet Miele bagged canister vacuum has an electrobrush specifically designed for the care of soft carpet. Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet. The following is the […] for easy removal of hair and lint from upholstery and carpets. It is very maneuverable, but I still haven't decided which setting is best for my hand-knotted rugs. Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet This canister vacuum is paired with an exclusive power brush along with a unique suction setting designed specifically for the needs of carpets with high and thick tubes. Allows the connection of an electrobrush for deep cleaning of carpeting, A sound-optimised motor and integrated insulation for pleasantly quiet operation. I love this vacuum. The Incredible Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet Canister Vacuum is specially engineered and ideal for the care and maintenance of delicate, soft surfaces. The Miele Complete C3 vacuum cleaner is equipped with an all-round Furniture protection strip made from soft synthetic material. While maneuvering the power head, the handle moves the center of torque in FRONT of the wand and requires much more wrist torque to control the power head, which has a tendency to wander side to side while vacuuming. Customers who bought this item also bought Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 The Miele Soft Carpet vacuum has similar features with Kona. Compact C2, Complete C3 and Blizzard CX1 models come with an added convenience feature requiring only one tap of the foot switch. Operating instructions/Installation instructions, /e/airclean-filter-sf-sac-20-30-3944711-p, /e/parquet-twister-xl-parquet-floorhead-sbb-400-3-7101160-p, /e/dusting-brush-with-flexible-swivel-joint-ssp-10-7132710-p, /e/swivelneck-parquet-floorhead-sbb-300-3-pq-twister-7155710-p, /e/flexible-crevice-nozzle-sfd-20-7252100-p, /e/wide-upholstery-nozzle-spd-10-7252190-p, /e/flexible-suction-hose-extension-sfs-10-7252210-p, /e/handy-turbobrush-turbo-mini-stb-101-7252850-p. Free shipping on online orders over $25 within the contiguous US. In addition, the Soft Carpet is a very quiet machine which is the result of special sound insulation . Was a little more expensive but well worth it so far. This premium canister vacuum is paired with an exclusive powerbrush along with a unique suction setting designed specifically for the needs of carpets … Soft carpets are especially difficult to clean and Miele has seen a growing demand for a soft carpet vacuum. The Mile complete C3 soft carpet canister vacuum cleaner is specifically designed, and approved by the leading carpeting manufacturers, to thoroughly clean the deepest pile and softest carpet in your home. For gentle cleaning of high-quality floors. First, the wheels are basically useless. Only had the vacuum a couple weeks but I love it! Miele’s Complete C3 SoftCarpet vacuum cleaner features an SEB 228 SoftCarpet Electrobrush. Pros, Cons, and Key Features of the Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet. Integrated or on a VarioClip: canister vacuum cleaners have an upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle & dusting brush. Comfort cable rewind with single-touch control, System for vacuuming breaks/with autom. I also find the “comfort handle” as they call it, a clunky pain when working in close quarters and using the attachments, especially the dusting brush and soft upholstery tool. You can buy the Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet here on Amazon. Item Number41GFE039USA. This soft carpet vacuum features not only the “Best of the Year” review by USA Today Network but also the coveted Good Housekeeping “Seal of Approval” as well. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet is currently … for gentle and effortless cleaning of sensitive hard floors. It only offers only 5, rather than infinite height settings, none of which work on one of my area rugs. ColorTayberry Red. Blakeman Vacuum and Sewing - Cheyenne, WY. You can’t really hear it running, just the whoosh of air into the hose. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet. Images are only examples and used for explanation purposes. The power head is also VERY heavy and too tall to easily slide under furniture. The electro powerhead has high pile adjustments for soft carpets; it works fine on rugs too. However, it is essentially designed for soft carpets as the name implies. Number of Power Settings7. With a five-level height adjustment and an independent motor, the SoftCarpet Electrobrush delivers the ultimate in cleaning power on all flooring types, including soft carpet. It's really quiet, very powerful and has features I like. As a result, you will have better maneuverability. NameComplete C3 SoftCarpet. Optimum carpet care - electrobrush for intensive deep cleaning, Gentle on delicate hard floors – flexible, No need to stoop thanks to plus/minus foot controls. ... Activating the Soft Carpet power set- ting: Press the + footswitch until the maxi- mum power setting has been reached. This high pile carpet vacuum is the latest and greatest answer to deep cleaning plush carpets or area rugs. The Miele Complete C3 For Soft Carpet Upholstery Tool measures approximately 4-3/4 inches wide and includes two strips of red lint-lifters. All Miele canister vacuum cleaners have power cords that are easy to rewind with a foot switch. Last, but not least, the Miele Complete C3 For Soft Carpet Crevice Tool was designed to wedge in-between tight spaces and … I wish the cord were as long as my old vacuum, but I'll get used to that. Miele Complete C3 for Soft Carpet wowed our home-care experts thanks to its smart design, proven results and easy maneuvering — no matter how thick your carpet is!