Castor seeds contain about 45-60% of oil that is rich in triglycerides. Castor seeds farming products are most popular in Africa, Domestic Market, and Mid East. Castor Seed are naturally grown under the supervision of the farmers. Rainfall: 500-600 annually. To many people the castor plant is just an overgrown, undesirable weed and yet it produces one of nature's finest natural oils. Provide loamy, moist, but not soaking wet, soil for best results. But in the last few years, farmers in regions where the plant is harvested started losing interest in castor seed cultivation because of a fall in castor prices and an increase in input costs. Most gardeners start their beans from seed. I ndia is said to be the world’s largest producer of castor seed and meets most of the global demand for castor oil.. Nigeria imports over N30 billion worth of castor oil every year despite having arable and fertile land, and climatic conditions suitable for its farming. Castor oil is used in paints and lubricants too. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT IN AGRICULTURAL FINANCE, Farm insurance scheme likely to cover a third of agri households, INSURANCE FOR FARMING AND AGRICULTURE IN INDIA, SELL AND PURCHASE GUIDE FOR FARMERS IN INDIA, Issues Pertaining to the Future of Agriculture. We provide our clients Castor Seed that have gained enough experience in this domain. It is important to state the part of what affect productivity output in this industry is the fact that castor oil seed farming is vulnerable to unpredictable weather conditions, and the demand for high-quality essential oil in key foreign markets will boost exports. I am in Zimbabwe and I what to grow castor beans .I need seed and market . It is an herbaceous plant that can be grown as an annual or perennial, depending on the weather and type of seed used. Castor Seeds. Kindly advise where I can get the plant. The varieties of castor differ in the branching habits of the plant, color of the stem and branches (red and green), the nature of capsules (smooth or shiny), duration (early or late) and the size of the seed. Image source – Use castor Sheller to separate the seeds or beat the dried capsule with wooden planks, winnow and collect the seeds. Saturated 2 g Total Carbs 0 g The yield depends on the cultivation practices and climatic conditions etc. There are two ways to improve germination. The improved varieties mature in about 150 to 180 days. Trans 0 g Protein 0 g The minimum rainfall needed by the castor crop is 38 – 50 cm. All the same share the plant photo via our whatsapp 0728082887 we help you in plant identification. The crop must have sufficient moisture during its growing period. In rainfed conditions, priming with 1% Kcl for 3 hours and sowing a week before the onset of monsoon is recommended. Incorporate the trash in in soil to boost the organic matter. Irrigation- The first irrigation should be done when the plants are in 6-8 leaf stage from which 4-6 irrigations are given until 2-4 weeks before harvesting. The president said that Castor oil marketing, although a profitable business was still faced with several challenges in marketing activities. Perhaps you could write subsequent articles referring to this article. For good growth, castor requires a well-pulverized seed-bed with loose sub-soil up to 45 cm depth. Weed control- Spray with a suitable pre-emergence herbicide eg Alachlor at a rate of 1.25kg per hectare followed by 1-2 hand weeding depending on weed emergence. The soil must be able to warm up early in the spring. In rainfed situations apply 100% P & 50% N&K basally & remaining quantity may be applied in one or two top dressings based on the soil moisture availability. Soil Done when there is enough moisture in the soil to a depth of 6-8cm. Irrigated crops require fortnightly irrigation. Soil: The crop requires a … Monounsaturated 3 g Sugars 0 g Capsid and green stink bug- Practice good field hygiene, spray with duduthrin or any other suitable insecticide. It grows well in temperatures of 15 – 27 °C. Castor bean needs plenty of nitrogen, especially during its early development. Cactor plant ident-The plant exist as a landrace (non-improved cultivar), Its seeds have self-explosive dispersal mechanism hence can be found The delivery and price were spot on! As well as from no, yes. A hectare with 1,600 hills requires complete fertilizer (14-14-14) at planting time at the rate of 30 grams per hill. In the case of late receipt of monsoon black gram + castor at 6:1 ratio is recommended. What Is Castor Farming? This a very resourceful site on agribusiness Especially to the youths venturing in agriculture. hi am eric from meru..want to venture into castor farming humbly advice me abt the market and where I can sell. On an average, the yield is about 200 – 500 kg/ha for the rainfed crop, 100 – 200 kg/ha for a mixed crop, and 550 – 800 kg/ha for the irrigated crop. For good growth, castor requires a well pulverised seed bed with loose sub-soil upto 45 cm depth. Our value proposition is to drive youth empowerment through agricultural development and technology.