How to Bet on Football Accumulators

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Firstly, what exactly is a football accumulator bet? In its most basic form, it’s a type of wager where you combine a variety of different football bets into one. For example, you might think that Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are all going to win their matches over a certain weekend, so instead of betting on each team individually to win, you bet in one bet that all of them will win.

If you were to bet on each of these teams individually, you might not get such great odds, especially if you are betting on the team that is a favourite to win. However, if you put all the bets together in a single accumulator bet, you will receive far better odds, because every one of those teams will have to win in order for it to pay out.

This type of football accumulator bet doesn’t always have to be on who will win, it can also be on draws or defeats. You have to pick at least 2 different games to include in the accumulator and there is usually no maximum amount of games….Remember though, the more games you include, the better odds you will get, but it will also be a lot more difficult to win!

Here is how to bet on football accumulators step by step:

1. Research

Research should always be your top priority when you are considering placing an accumulator bet. As a bare necessity when making your picks, look at the league tables, the odds on each game and the fixture. As previously stated, this is the bare minimum needed, you should also watch sports channels, read articles about the matches and read up on different teams’ histories against different squads. You will also be able to find great statistics and information by simply typing in “upcoming football favourites stats” in Google.

2. Open multiple betting accounts

All betting sites are different and all of them have different odds, so it is extremely important to have multiple accounts open so that you can measure all your options against each other and choose the best overall odds.

3. Look for the value picks

Now that you have done all the research and have all your betting sites open, you need to find the value picks. You should be on the lookout for fixtures and odds that are priced around the even money mark. Find games where a top side is taking on a bottom side (preferably away from home) or a match between a team that is having a really good run and another team that is having a streak of bad luck. Once you have found a few of these games, then you can start putting together a preliminary list and then start comparing them to the stats so that you can make your final picks for your accumulator bet.

4. Place your accumulator bet

Make sure that you only start off with 2 matches in your first accumulator, this will help you get the feel for them. If you are a bit more experienced, try going for 3 or 4, as these aren’t too risky (if you do your research properly) and have the potential for extremely high profits.

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