How Safe Is It To Open a Betting Account Online

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Open a Betting Account Online

The first thing that springs into anyone’s mind when opening a new sports betting account is…how safe is it? In a technological world filled with smart scams and even smarter fraudsters, we always have to wonder how safe our personal information is, how safe our money is, and how safe our data is.

Here is some must-know information to make sure that your data, information and money is safe online:

Keylogger programs

Keylogger programs are malware that gets installed on your computer without your knowledge. Keylogger malware records every single key that you push on your keyboard and uses this information to gain access to your passwords. These sort of programs usually land on your computer from visiting shady websites or when you get a virus. To prevent this, make sure that you have a good antivirus programme on your computer and that you never type in your passwords, rather copy and paste them or use a secure password programme to autofill them.

Never use somebody else’s device

Never use somebody else’s device to log into your sports betting account. You never know how safe somebody else’s computer is or if they have any viruses or malware that they are unaware of. Rather be safe than sorry, and only use your personal devices to log into your online betting accounts.

Check if the sports betting website has security tokens

Some online betting websites have security tokens, which is a random number generator similar to those used in online banking. This number is then sent securely to your phone or email and will be needed to access your account. With this feature, even if a hacker knows your password, he will still not be able to get through this extra layer of security.

Only use sports betting sites with a licence

Make sure that you only make use of licenced sports betting websites. If they are licenced, that means that they are regulated and that means that in order to stay open, they have to follow strict safety regulations.

Make sure your data is encrypted

Most reputable sports betting websites will be able to show you an encryption certificate if you ask for one. Knowing that your information is encrypted is extremely important, because then you know that if someone hacked into the sports betting server, they would not be able to access your details (like credit card number, ID, address, etc.). This isn’t only important to keep your money safe, but also important to protect yourself from identity theft.

Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable

Usually, the best thing to trust is your own gut. If a sports betting website seems shady or dodgy, rather don’t risk putting your money in it. If they ask you for personal information without a valid reason or don’t meet your own safety expectations, rather leave them and find another site. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sport betting sites available online that are completely safe. Find these sites and don’t even bother with a site that makes you feel anything less than 100% comfortable.

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