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When it comes to online roulette systems, there is more than just one system that many avid casino online players that enjoy playing roulette online tend to make use of.

Seeing as though the game of roulette, whether online or at land-based, offline roulette gambling tables have been around since as early as 1776, where mention of the game is found in a French novel dates this far back.

The fact that the roulette game has such a deep history, spanning hundreds of years only further expounds on the fact that there should definitely be a variety of betting systems available for players to enjoy when getting their roulette game on.

Some of the roulette betting systems that casino online roulette game players tend to make use of have been around the casino world for almost as long as the roulette game itself. In general, casino online roulette players opt for betting systems that will get that winning number (or in the case of online roulette, the winning pocketed number) happening for the roulette player in question.

What is an online roulette system that works?
Given that there are so many various roulette betting systems available for casino online roulette players to utilize, let us take a look at the more popular betting systems, as well as the older existing betting systems, and discuss a few details of each betting system casino online roulette gameplay mode.

Let’s take a look at five of the more popular and easy to use casino online roulette betting systems that online casino roulette players make use of when getting their roulette gameplay on.

Betting System Number 1: The D’Alembert System

This particular online roulette betting system is based on the thought that eventually the universe tends to even out after some time. This premise is, of course, not supported by every casino online gambling player, therefore tends to be somewhat of an unrealistic type of betting strategy in the view of some online roulette players. The fact that many an online roulette game player is of the opinion that this betting strategy is unrealistic leads to this betting strategy also being referred to by some roulette playing circles as the ‘gambler’s fallacy’. Basically, what the D’Alembert system comprises is a thought process that the player will keep in mind that eventually all the bets made will even out, therefore, the player will not place their bets on the same number time and again; the player intends to keep their betting moving around the roulette wheel accordingly.

Betting System Number 2: The Martingale System
This online roulette betting system is perhaps one of the first betting systems to have been invented and implemented into a player’s roulette gameplay strategy. Having been in play since the 1800’s, the Martingale system is simple to follow, easy to understand and quite user-friendly. What the Martingale betting system happens to be is a negative progression betting system, where the player will double up on their bets after a loss. The thing about the Martingale betting system is that it tends to only work for a short-run type of gameplay, as anything over 6 consecutive losses during the online roulette gameplay could result in a rather expensive game of roulette for the player. It is advised for the online roulette player to take into consideration this fact, and to keep in mind that although the odds of losing many times consecutively is quite uncommon, the is the possibility of this occurring, resulting in the roulette casino online game player having to perhaps rethink their use of the Martingale betting system and opting for another mode of gameplay instead.

Betting System Number 3: The Paroli System
This particular online roulette betting system is indeed quite a popular method of playing casino online roulette, and is a great way for the online roulette player in question to take full advantage of their winning streak, should they happen to be on one. Also having been known to be referred to by many roulette game players as the ‘Parlay’ betting system, the premise of this particular roulette betting system is to increase the bet size after each win. The betting increase increments can be determined by the discretion of the online roulette player utilising this type of roulette betting system, and can also be halted at any time during the online roulette gameplay. The fact that the entire premise of the Paroli betting system hinges on behaviour that is in direct opposition to the Martingale system is probably why this type of betting system is also referred at times as the Reverse Martingale betting system.

Betting System Number 4: The Labouchere System
This next type of online roulette betting system is quite similar to the Martingale system, and just as old, in terms of the fact that it has been known to be a betting system strategy employed by many diverse roulette players since as early s the 1800’s as well. The difference between the Labouchere betting system and the Martingale system is that with the Labouchere system, the player is attempting to recover losses incurred during the roulette gameplay not in one single big win, but with multiple small wins. Being a negative progression betting system as well means that this type of online roulette betting system relies on the player losing in order for it to come into play, and bring the player some wins along the way. How this betting system works is that the player will take their betting sequence numbers and add the first number in the betting sequence to the last number in the betting sequence, adding this combined new number to their betting sequence after a loss, accordingly. This type of gameplay is why many online roulette game players also refer to this betting system as the Split Martingale system or the Cancellation system.

Betting System Number 5: The Fibonacci System
Based on the concept of the actual Fibonacci sequence; a pattern found in nature, which is explained via a mathematical pattern and sequence of numbers, as an attempt to explain the ratio of all matter and the world we see around us. The numbers within the Fibonacci sequence follow a pattern which is determined by combining numbers of the 2 that came before. For example, the Fibonacci sequence is as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 etc. So it is worked out as follows: 1+1= 2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13, and so on, until infinity. When an online roulette player employs the Fibonacci betting system, they are deciding to use this pattern and number sequence as a guide to their betting. A fascinating betting system indeed.

Although the above mentioned online roulette systems are only five of the many roulette betting systems available for gameplay with the casino online roulette world, what is clear to see is that throughout the history of roulette gameplay, the individuals found the world over, that enjoy a game of roulette have indeed spend a great deal of time playing the game, and finding ways to better strategize their gameplay, and accordingly increase their odds of winning.

Given that each type of online roulette system is unique, and holds their own criteria of play, as well as their own methodology, it is important for each online roulette player, that is in mind to consider utilizing any of the above mentioned betting systems for online roulette gameplay, that regardless of the betting system one decides to utilize, there will inevitably be the cold hard fact that the player will need to acknowledge each time they intend on using any of the online roulette betting systems: the house edge will never disappear. There will always be a house edge that remains favourable for the casino online gaming site in question.

The best bet is to keep in mind that it’s all about the fun to be had, after all.


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