What is the house advantage in blackjack?

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When tasked with answering this question, what is the house advantage in blackjack? Before going straight to the meat of the question, and simply answering the question flat out, perhaps it is best to unpack the question a bit, so as to give a better understanding of what a house advantage really entails.

Firstly, what is meant by the ‘house advantage’? Simply put, the House advantage is exactly what it says. The house refers to the casino online gambling site provider in question, the site where the player is logged into and playing from that particular gambling sites player and gaming account. Another way to phrase the ‘house advantage’ and something that any given avid casino online game player is rather likely to come across, is mention of the House Edge.

This is the exact same thing as the House Advantage and is simply a mathematical equation that has been utilised to give a statistical measurement of the average percentage of the advantage that the House holds over the player. Within a particular game title.

So, when it is suggested that a particular game title holds a house advantage (or alternatively, a House Edge) of 2%, what this is saying to the player is that they can expect to lose an average of 2% on a bet every time they wager. For example, should the player bet €100, then the player can expect to lose at least €2 on every wager.

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When it comes to understanding what the house advantage in blackjack is, it is common knowledge that in a casino online game of Blackjack, there is, in general, a lower House Advantage, as is compared with many other casino online game titles offered by various casino gambling sites.

The House Advantage for a typical game of Blackjack has been worked out to be the following:

  • The House Advantage (aka the House Edge) is 0.5% when making use of Basic Strategy
  • The House Advantage increases when utilising any other strategy besides the Basic Strategy
  • Novice Blackjack players can also expect to have the House Advantage increase by at least 1.5%, taking the House
  • Advantage to approximately 2%

Get your best casino online Blackjack gameplay mode on, and know what you are in for, as a keen casino online gambling site game player.

Blackjack is indeed one of the more easily accessible games to play, and can definitely bring moments of gameplay your way.


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