Can the dealer control the roulette wheel?

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There seems to be an age-old debate happening around the game of roulette and casino online roulette gameplay. The debate centres around the roulette dealer and if the dealer has any ability to affect the winning outcome in any given roulette casino online game.

Is the online casino roulette dealer able to control the roulette wheel? Will the dealer be able to control where the ball will land, which numbered pocket the ball will fall into, that is? Well, the initial answer from most casino online providers would be a flat out: ‘No’, yet when it comes to roulette and the wheel spinning, it appears that it may not be as simple, clear-cut or obvious to ascertain a foolhardy answer in this respect.

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Of course, it should be mentioned before we go any further, that attempting to control a roulette wheel or affect or influence the winning outcomes of any roulette game would be considered illegal in any given casino, worldwide.

The fact of the matter is that the general consensus is this: any given roulette dealer may indeed be able to control the roulette wheel, in terms of avoiding certain numbers within the wheel, or as some would call it, Section Shooting.

In order to go about successfully ‘Section shooting’, however, one would need to ensure a few key elements are maintained.

There would need to be absolutely perfect conditions and a perfect wheel at the dealer’s disposal
Only a highly skilled dealer would be able to successfully pull off this kind of wheel turning
Only when the dealer has sufficiently and successfully practised a number of times on how to section shoot, would there be a hope of being able to section shoot properly and effectively?

Although it may be possible for the dealer to ‘section shoot’ and ultimately control the outcomes of a roulette game, one would need to ask the next question: why would the dealer be wanting to control the roulette wheel at all? What will the dealer have to gain?

In most instances, the dealer would not want just any particular player to win, and would similarly not one just any one particular player to lose, therefore the intention for why a dealer would want to control the roulette wheel would need to be monetary motives. In this case, there are indeed very strict and stringent anti-theft and anti-cheating regulations in place in most casinos, therefore would the dealer really want to jeopardise their job, just for a few controlled spins of the roulette wheel? I guess that is the ultimate question that needs answering.

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