Bookmaker Limitations: How to Avoid Them

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Bookmaker Limitations

Every long term or successful gambler has had the unpleasant experience of getting bookmaker limitations set on their account. These restrictions will either restrict or reduce the maximum amount you can bet or the maximum amount of winnings that you can cash out from bets across the board.

Especially if you are placing arb bets, it is extremely likely that the bookmaker will pick up on this sort of activity and start placing limitations on your account, or even close it altogether. Winning streaks, certain betting strategies, and arbing, makes bookmakers extremely as they are worried it will ruin their profit margins. To avoid this, they will place limitations on your account, to avoid these limitations, there are a few things you can do to fly under their radar:

1. Place round number bets

Don’t ever place bets like $21.88 per bet. The bookmaker will notice and will think it is strange that you aren’t betting $22.00 or $21.00. This will cause the moderator to put you on a suspicious accounts list and start looking closer at your betting. Make sure that you always place round number bets to prevent your account from getting flagged.

2. Don’t bet too high

Try not to bet more than $50 to $100 per bet at one bookmaker. Bookmakers pay special attention to big bettors and will monitor you more closely. If you want to make a $300 bet, rather split it into $100 bets across three bookmakers. This will stop you being noted as a potential VIP and keep the attention off of your account.

3. Don’t only place single bets

Every once in a while, you should make a small accumulator bet, make sure you throw in a team that definitely won’t win. Make it a small amount like $10 so that it won’t matter that you lose it – the aim is to lose it. If you win all the time, your account will be flagged, if you lose, and take risky bets like accumulators every now and again, they won’t be able to pick up a pattern in your betting strategy and will think you are a casual bettor.

4. Don’t always take the best odds

Most of the time, you should always switch between bookmakers and choose whoever has the best odds for a specific match, but every once in a while, it’s important to pick the sports betting site with the second or third best odds. Bookmakers are aware of the odds available at other sites, if they notice you only bet with them when they have the best odds, they will flag your account and follow your activity more closely.

5. Never bet too high on a new account

If you just opened a new account with an online sports betting website, you should never place a big first bet. Start your bets off a $10 and work your way up slowly to your usual betting amount. If your very first bet is a big one, it will immediately trigger a warning to the bookmakers that you are an experienced bettor and they will instantly start monitoring your account.

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