Every avid casino online game player will, no doubt, have had a great time at least once or twice during their gaming journey, playing the popular blackjack game. Being a staple casino game, whether at an online casino gaming site or a land-based casino, blackjack remains a firm favourite for all players alike.

Knowing how the game of blackjack works is indeed the first step that players will need to take, to be able to crack the blackjack winning streaks.

So, what are the blackjack basics? Let’s take a quick look at the very beginning of the game, and the fundamentals of blackjack gameplay.

In order to play a successful game of blackjack, each ardent casino online game player will need to know that blackjack is played the following way:

  • Making use of a traditional set of 52 cards, each casino online gaming site uses this to create the blackjack players hand
  • The 4 different suites (club, spade, heart, diamond) are used to tally up the cards dealt, in an attempt to reach that 21 (blackjack) number
  • The main aim of the game is to ensure one reaches 21. The person closest to 21 will be the winner of that particular blackjack round. Should the player reach 22 or more, then they have ‘bust’ and will have forfeited that particular round of blackjack game playing

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