When to buy Blackjack Insurance

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Taking up insurance when playing a hand or two of an online blackjack game may seem, at first glance, to be a great betting idea, however, when taking a good look at what this blackjack insurance strategy of gameplay in actual fact represents, one can clearly see that by taking up the blackjack insurance option, players are not setting themselves up for a good innings, in terms of their net winnings.

The question asked above, as to when it would be a good idea to take up the dealer’s offer and when to buy blackjack insurance would be a good idea? After doing some extensive research on the subject matter, we can indeed agree that in most instances, the avid and experienced online casino blackjack player will indeed pass up the option of opting to buy blackjack insurance, as this is a move favoured by online blackjack card counting players and novice players that may not know the ins and outs of blackjack online gameplay, the varying strategies and the different side bets on offer.

So, let us take a closer look at this option, given to online blackjack players, of being able to buy blackjack insurance.

What is Blackjack Insurance?
When the online blackjack dealer happens to land a face-up card that is an Ace card, this is the only time when the dealer will give each online blackjack player (currently playing at that moment in time at that blackjack table) the opportunity to buy blackjack insurance.

This is a side bet, where the online blackjack player is encouraged to place a wager that is half the size of their original wager that has been put into play during the particular blackjack online game in question. For example, should the player opting to take up the opportunity of purchasing blackjack insurance have wagered €20 on the original online blackjack game in gameplay, the insurance side bet will need to be half of that, making the insurance buy-in an amount of €10.

The premise for this insurance buy-in side bet, is that should the dealer (who is holding an Ace card) happen to land a 10, this will take the dealer directly to a ‘natural blackjack’ score. The insurance bet allows for 2:1 odds, and when the dealer wins the hand of blackjack, the player that has opted to buy-in the insurance side bet, will win that side bet but will lose their original wager placed.

For example: the player above wagered €20 and placed a side bet of €10 for the insurance buy-in. The dealer has now won a natural blackjack, and sits with a card value of 21 (an Ace card and a ten card combination), and has won the current hand. The player in question will have won €10, as this is what was placed as the blackjack insurance buy-in, yet will lose their original wager of €20. All in all, this bodes negatively for the player, as their net winnings will remain at a deficit.

One could argue that without that insurance buy-in side bet made, the player will have lost €20 altogether, and not landed ab ‘even-bet’ by still winning €10 back, but with the odds of the dealer landing a 10 card, with their Ace, there is the 9:4 winnings odds.

What this means is quite simply the following: out of a single deck of 52 cards, 4 cards out of every 13 cards will have the value of 10. This means that on average, over 13 instances played, there is a chance 4 that the dealer will win 4 times, landing that Blackjack with the Ace-10 combination, and will lose 9 of those times. These odds do not actually bode well for players looking to make a positive situation out of the insurance buy-in side bet.

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Most often, online blackjack players that consider themselves to be avid blackjack online players, that are experienced and quite adept at the blackjack gameplay, all in all, most time, these are the players that will categorically denounce the side bet of being able to buy blackjack insurance.

The side bet of opting to buy blackjack insurance is considered a side bet for novice online blackjack players only. Novice players, and players that get by playing blackjack online via card counting strategies.

It is believed that card counting blackjack online players will know when it would be a good idea to buy blackjack insurance, as it will be these card counters that will know when the blackjack online gameplay and deck in play holds a heavy hand towards the ten-value cards, and higher valued cards.

If one is not a card counting online blackjack player, then this side bet of buying blackjack insurance is not a wise betting strategy to be made, so all in all, one would easily say that in answer to the question initially posed: when to buy blackjack insurance? There is no good time, unless one has been employing the card count online blackjack strategy, and as a blackjack online player, one knows that the ten-value card count is weighted heavily with the probability of the ten-value card appearing, when the blackjack online dealer has in hand an Ace card – only then will it be a good idea to buy blackjack insurance.

Although widely considered an online blackjack side bet that is only employed by novice players, one can also see that when a particular online blackjack player is employing the strategy of counting card during their casino online blackjack gameplay, there is also the opportunity for this type of player to optimise on their card counting, and perhaps find an opportune time to employ the side bet of being able to buy blackjack insurance, at the right time as well.

It may not be a widely practiced strategy, but as with all things in life, there is always a good time and place for everything.

If it comes down to it, and you, as an avid casino online blackjack player happens to be given the opportunity to buy insurance during gameplay, rather opt out, unless of course you have been using the card counting strategy as well, and can clearly expect a high value card, of hopefully a ten-value to appear, this way giving you a slight upper hand over the house edge, as you win the 2:1 odds over the dealer’s winning blackjack hand.

All in all, it is always advised to never forget the golden rule – always have fun!


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