Betting Theory: In what cases do the scores constitute a betting choice?

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Nowadays, the options for someone who wants to bet their money on a football game are limitless. There is no need to limit yourselves to the standard bet on the match result (1-Χ-2). Apart from simply predicting the match result, you can also predict the final score, although it might seem difficult to win such a bet.

The truth is that it is not as difficult, given the fact that today, there are country-specific characteristics in goal-scoring. We are talking about the standard 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 and 1-1, whose odds are high compared to simple picks. Even in countries where these scores are common, their choice remains more profitable (if successful) than a stake on a win or a draw. What will determine our choice of such a match that will end with one of the above-mentioned scores?

You need to be careful. Select a league that will spare you any surprises. For instance, you better avoid Spain, England or Germany, but go for Italy, France, Greece or perhaps Portugal where fewer goals tend to be scored. Select games between opposing teams of equal competitive level. Also, select the favourites when playing away. Think of all Juventus’ winning away matches with 0-1, 1-2 or 1-1 throughout this year. They are more than half of its 19 away matches in the Italian league.

At first glance, this tactic seems a bit risky but if you think about it, it involves no greater risk than betting on a simple pick. In addition, it offers a higher payout and better odds of winning.

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