Bet on E-Sports!

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The term E-Sports refers to all games, internet games, that a lot of avid fans choose to play. Over the past years, there is a growing interest in these games and a lot of international tournaments are constantly being organised, granting several big prizes. This trend started several years ago in Asia, namely in South Korea where gaming is practised on a daily basis.

The well-known fantasy leagues are being organised by companies which coordinate the teams of players and make sure that the contests will be conducted smoothly. Numerous betting companies give the opportunity to their customers to bet on these events, by offering plenty of bettings. Some of the most popular bets on E-Sports are the following: Counter Strike Go, Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, FIFA, Stracraft II.

Several people of the business sector have predicted that e-sports will greatly increase within the next few years, and rushed to invest in emerging E-Sports companies. The case of characteristic example, the former commissioner of the NBA, who has recently invested nearly 5 million dollars to finance the startup AlphaDraft is a characteristic example In the recent Dublin Web Summit, several E-sports companies, particularly start-ups, were chosen to present their projects at the Berlin Conference in October 2015.

Lately, the trend of the so-called E-Sports has reached phenomenal proportions, given the fact that the sector is simply based on game bettors participating in various tournaments without leaving the comfort of their favourite Internet cafe. Taking into consideration that hundreds of thousands of people from around the world can bet on such an event, through betting companies offering dozens of E-Sports bets, then this is, in fact, the gaming revolution!

A study regarding E-Sports conducted by a survey company, concluded that in the year 2015 the players of online multiplayer games were more than 70 (!) millions, an inconceivable figure. South Koreans beat everyone hands down when it comes to E-Sports, which is their preferred pastime, to the extend that parents are teaching their children in order for them to bet effectively!

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