Irvin, B.L., & Acton, G.J. The sacrifice comes in when the care giver has to inevitably overlook her personal interests and of those dependent on her. Essay on caring in nursing rating. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 33(6), 707 – 715. This ensures that any negative changes in the health of a patient is dealt with to avoid sudden deaths and also a patient is discharged when the doctor is sure the condition of the patient will not pose a health risk to other people around him both the sick and the healthy. AAOHN journal: official journal of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, 43(3), 131. In today’s multicultural society, minority ethnic groups form 7.9% of the UK population (office for National Statistics, 2001 cited by Black 2008). The personal aspect of care is the most important part of the practice – as stated above, nursing is in essence a personal relationship between nurse and … However, 15 unique characteristics were identified in articles written by authors with a Christian worldview. Patient’s participation is essential since there are those activities that the patient needs to take part in order to complement the care givers efforts. Journal of advanced nursing, 15(5), 525 – 530. (1996). 1. She scans the internet for ways she can adopt to alleviate her husband’s condition. If these expectations are not met in the best way possible and the care giver posses a non caring attitude, the patients feelings are crushed jeopardizing the process of recovery. Development activities are organized and sufficiently generalized, with obe. Proper self and environmental care measures need to be taught to the community members. In nursing, ethical issues are constantly arising. Your privacy is extremely important to us. My dream career of environmental health nursing is a platform through which I will be prepared to explore different services involved in the process of caring. Caring should be undertaken right from the time of birth in order to reduce health mishaps that may arise from careless lifestyles. Through the process of providing care, the caring behaviors have been embedded in me. A.B’s diet contains junks of carbohydrate taken as in bread and pasta that largely characterizes his diet. Nurses are often associated with caring because they support, comfort, and help … She also struggles to care for her husband’s environment. For me, being caring involves displaying a variety of qualities, where there receiver, in this case the patients, know that they are valuable to us, their nurses. His fasting blood glucose values are at 118-127 mg/dl/, a sign of borderline diabetes. He takes nearly two cups of pasta and at least two slices for bread daily for dinner. "Caring in Nursing." Nursing and its Ethical Issues. Avoid emotionally hurtful words that can send the patient into depression. For example, a patient who has lost hope in ever getting better may refuse to take medication. The N.P. We utilize security vendors that protect and ensure the integrity of our platform while keeping your private information safe. Public health reports, 127(4), 440. Don't use plagiarized sources. The main priority was to receive a therapy that centers on nutritional assessment focusing on two key areas: how to control diabetes and the physical activities that promote weight loss. Caring and compassion can be viewed as “nursing’s most precious asset” (Schantz, 2007). "Caring in Nursing." A lot of sensitivity should thus be exercised as most mentally disturbed patients appreciate it when someone shows a genuine interest in them. Different palliative care nurses possess varying proficiency levels that range from competent to expert. An exploratory study of selected female registered nurses: meaning and expression of nurturance. His immunization schedule is updated and he has enjoyed a healthy life. Similarly, a nursing leadership essay talks about nursing leaders, who are those nurses which are able to “make things happen” through relationship building, sharing organisational knowledge, informal coaching, mentoring and elevating the contributions of other nurses. Case Study: A Patient With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes and Complex Comorbidities Whose Diabetes Care Is Managed by an Advanced Practice Nurse. In s. Kiesler ed. IvyPanda. IvyPanda. Happiness, joy, and enthusiasm are very contagious, and a simple smile, touch, or even one word can turn around a patient’s day. These include giving patient comfort and company in order to ensure they feel loved and wanted. Laertes revenge essay. And that lack of emotional dependency often leads to emotional instability. Her theory consists of three major elements, carative factors, the transpersonal caring relationship and caring occasion (Lachman, 2012). Ik notes caring is nursing essay no. Performing a Research "Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription." The model also demonstrates participation as a concept of caring. There has been a strong desire in me to help ailing and the well persons recuperate and stay healthy respectively. He was blessed with a wife, who gave him two children. His blood pressure measurement readings are at 150/70, 148/92 and 165/88 mmHg, all the readings have been taken separately. I will do my best to understand their history, illness, and treatment to keep them informed and updated on their health status. His medical records indicate he has enjoyed a life of robust health. This information can be used in knowing when to take a different course or maintain the same medication in treating of certain ailments. Engaging in the communication process by honestly providing the required information needed for analysis. At the clinic, he is diagnosed with weight gain and foot pain to add on his diabetic condition. We will write a custom Essay on Caring in Nursing specifically for you … Occupational hazards of the health care industry: protecting health care workers. Environmental health. July 1, 2019. 79 grammar essentials combined sentences there s a counterpart. IvyPanda. There needs to be an extra amount of care in dealing with the feelings of these patients. I want to make a difference in someone’s life, and comfort those in times of loss. professional specifically for you? We will write a custom Essay on Caring in Nursing specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page. He stopped his Glyburide (Diabeta), 5 mg medication due to the awful side effects. She shows him and his wife how to take the readings and explains to them the importance of the reading. Nursing competence, nursing intervention and nursing self-competence are the basics of the nursing concept. Caring for extremely ill patients can emotionally affect the nurse. The patient was also willing reduce the food portion he takes. In the middle of all these disparity, caring is a vital component of the nursing practice and the key to choosing the concept of caring is because it is very essential when it comes to health care. A.B. July 1, 2019. The aim of this essay is to discuss and explore the evidence based nursing care for a 57 year old gentleman who has been recently diagnosed with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. She also made sure to maintain contact and communication with the patient by writing out the date and time of the day together with a medical report that she handed it over to the patient. Her genuine concern also sees to it that she ensures the patient has a clear understanding of the usefulness of taking the glucose readings. Gynaecological nurses for example need to keep in mind the fragile nature of reproductive organs and their susceptibility to be infected and destroyed. The patient can participate in the caring process by keeping the wound clean, eating plenty of fruits which aid in the process of wound healing (Sappington, 2003). He put up his business for sale and began participating actively in a society organization as a volunteer. In the field of nursing practice, teamwork is usually observed in each department of an operating hospital. There are so many ways to show caring that the possibilities are endless. Caring is a service offered by health care professionals to a patient. On top of that, she developed a schedule to help manage dosage by increasing and decreasing whenever necessary. He also suffers from; hypertension, obesity, hyperlpidemia, self care management lifestyle deficit and uncontrolled diabetes (Vilt, 2009, p. 13). The various interests and desires the order of importance, rather than the testing compa- nies instead of staring at a 7,000-year-old city is also … It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. Nurses perform routine procedures and skills throughout … He refuses to check the level of glucose in his blood at home due to lack of awareness of the usefulness of this procedure in diabetes care. Lack of proper care can alleviate an otherwise minor health issue. This aim of this essay is to discuss the importance of communication in nursing, demonstrating how effective communication facilitates a therapeutic nurse/patient relationship. - Leo Buscaglia. Concept Analysis on Caring in Nursing Essay paper. There are no words that can express how excited I am to become the best nurse I can be. If you do use any part of our free Nursing essay samples please remember to reference the work. His efforts in exercising have been rendered fruitless since he has not lost weight for the past six months. He is also obese and thus has to lose weight an advice he did not heed. The patient acquires a sense of belonging required for the positive psychological effect in the recuperation process. The American journal of nursing, 109(1), 13. (2012). This essay will also identify reasons why compassionate care can become exhausted and how to overcome this problem. The family physician advised him to visit a clinic that specifically cares for diabetic patients. The model has all the defining attributes of nurturing as a concept in delivering care. "Caring in Nursing." Nursing Is Caring Essay...INRODUCTION Nursing can be defined in many differing ways. Jean Watson is a well-known American theorist that created the Philosophy and Science of Caring. Need a custom Analytical Essay sample written from scratch by There are a number of caring behaviors in the field of nursing; these behaviors combine elements of good communication skills and humanistic gestures towards other people (Wagle, 2013). (2003). High-quality nursing care thriving in a healthy work environment can cure healthcare-related economic woes through better outcomes achieved at lower cost. The patient together with his wife upon the nurse’s advice agreed to visit a dietician who would help the patient adopt a healthy eating habit necessary for the promotion good health. The whole concept however centers its meaning on its ability to facilitate delivery of nursing skills to a patient.. As much as the care givers give a professional approach towards caring, the surrounding of the patient is also crucial in the determination of the effectiveness of the caring process. He was assigned a professional nurse to help in his care as he starts to manage his condition. 2019. IvyPanda, 1 July 2019, They can contribute to the positive and negative ways to a health care quality problem. This paper Caring as a service offered by nurses enables doctors to come up with better treatment as it is dependent on the patient’s progress report of the nurse. She undertakes the teaching role, a concept crucial in the science of care (Irvin & Acton, 1996). Philosophy of Nursing Science Associated with Hemodialysis and Cardiac Issues, Philosophy of Nursing and Caring Practice: Jean Watson’s Caring Model, Differences in Diabetic Related Cases in African-Americans and Whites, Different Types of Diabetes Found in Different Countries, Healthcare: Clinical Roles and Social Identities. In my own personal opinion, I think that Nursing could be all three for different people or even all three things for the same person. Retrieved from Nurses that deal with mentally ill patients should put in mind that most of the patients may be suffering from these conditions due to lack of proper emotional care, at work, home or the society. Thus Nursing competence entails a set of specific capabilities that all nurses must get through clinical experiences and specialized training. His blood pressure is above the normal rate yet he seems to portray a state of unawareness on the importance of maintaining the normal level of blood pressure. is a 69 year old man and has been suffering from type 2 diabetes for five years. The patient was honest in explaining the amount of food he takes in a day and the activities he engages in. Our aim is to help you with your essays and our huge library of research material is available for you to use for your assignments. Ante natal care givers should communicate with mothers and teach them proper methods of health care and the right kind of diet in ensuring low infant mortality rates before birth. Caring for the environment around the patient is an important aspect in achieving the aim of nursing since the environment is a health determiner. I will always put my patient first and encourage them to communicate fears, stories, needs, hopes, and comforts to have a better understanding of the most efficient way to help them recover. "Caring in Nursing." This ranges from providing medical need to having a sensitive conversation with the patient and family members. The progress report helps the doctors to analyze the effect of certain drugs in the curing of certain ailments. For example, a mother who is a care giver spends more time at the health care institution at the expense of her kids. The patient had developed hypertension to add on the diabetic condition he had due to his lifestyle. PART A. Apart from eating lots of carbohydrates, he accompanies it with white meat and sauce. Highly critical of privileging and othering pp, in this chapter has primarily focused on the duration of the student will quickly become disengaged. Caring for patients suffering from common communicable diseases poses a great health risk to the care giver and the people the care giver interacts with, for example air-borne diseases, like tuberculosis that are easily transmitted from one person to another. The N.P. Many countries in the 21st Century with the increase in global movement have become multicultural. It is important for nurses to treat a patient's physical ailments as well as his or her emotional needs. The journal also required of the patient to estimate the portion of the food he takes. Patients may experience stress about their conditions, injuries, procedures, surgeries, or recovery. Despite the fact that both of his parents suffered from the same type of diabetes, he has very little knowledge on how to care for himself as a strategy for diabetes control. He was unaware of the impact of neglecting self care had on his health. The care giver in a holistic way manages to listen attentively to the patient and deliver services that will help the patient manage his diabetes. As a person she is portrays the caring behaviors needed in order to effectively facilitate the concept of caring (Wagle, 2013). Caring and empathy are fundamental qualities of the nursing profession, that characterize concern and consideration for the whole person, the commitment to the common good, and the outreach to those who are vulnerable. There are six virtues that should be followed when working as a nurse. His doctor had also prescribed daily medicine for the treatment of hyperchlosteromelia. Besides the physical appearance, being with your patients also involves being empathic towards them, that is having “the ability…, I know that it will not be easy, but I am confident in preparing myself and gaining the knowledge necessary to give hope even to those who refuse to get well. Spanier, A. Compassion and Caring Every individual has his/her own unique perception of caring. Nursing research, 45(3), 160 – 166. It is the responsibility of the care givers to create awareness in the community on the importance of self and environmental caring. Implement and monitor using nursing care for clients with chronic health problems. Caring for the well individuals serves as a preventive measure against the spreading of illnesses. Controlled substances like mercury are found in small doses in most medicines that cure dermatological problems. The central focus of the profession of nursing is developed around the idea of providing different dimensions of care to individuals in need by … › Caring in Nursing Essay Example. Environmental health. The nurses, doctors, and nurse assistants usually work as one unit to treat patients. He is also not aware of the effect the high blood pressure can have on functionality of his vital organs: his heart and kidney. The four different types of actions are: nursing care… For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The role of caring in nursing is very vital as caring is the essence which nursing revolves around. This can result to neglecting of her social responsibilities like family care. He eats fruits on a regular basis. Caring starts from childhood and grows with us till we become an adult, it is a behavior that can be felt, taught and practiced, if the person has intention to perceive it. Given that caring is inherently a personal attitude, choice, and action, it is clear that caring within the nursing profession begins, and must begin, here. He decided to quit smoking when the prize of cigarette shot up. As required in such extreme circumstances, the nurse began by addressing Hypertension and the high glucose level as they were the most life threatening in this instance. The care givers also need to participate in medical sanctification of the environment to achieve the essence of nursing. Vilt, K. (2009). Her holistic approach is also seen in her utilization of the communication process attributed to caring. Nursing is a profession that ensures excellence through the incorporation of both the creative art, and the science of nursing. Caring in nursing is a determinant of the effectiveness of the nursing process. 1 July. Young Scientists Journal, 6(13), 17. The fear of being physically or verbally abused may affect the performance of the care giver as he or she may be in a hurry to get away from the patient due to fear of impending danger. Free Nursing Essay Samples. She looks for online solutions for diabetes maintenance. July 1, 2019. She motivates him and provides a friendly environment for her husband’s recuperation. A case study will be used in order to explore the pathophysiology, aetiology and how to manage the illness as well as published research in order to increase the nurse’s knowledge of the client and provide the best … “His wife has suggested to him to consider treating diabetes through weight loss supplements and herbally” (Vilt, 2009, p.13). If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. Nursing personnel shares the most lingering in-depth personal contact with patients, especially when the medical institution practices case management system of nursing care. Nursing is a physically and emotionally demanding job. And to keep the remaining, if the round trip driving time and opportunity to actualize. Nursing characteristics of being were searched in all the articles; where being (who the nurse is) reflects the source of caring.Both the humanistic (postmodern) and biblical, Christian worldviews identified 20 of the same characteristics. In an attempt to define what caring is, we can utilize the caring behaviors and say that the act of extending these behaviors to a patient is caring. Unfortunately, your browser is too old to work on this site. What is the first name of school superintendents. This in turn exposes the family members to suffer from care neglect conditions. Another way to demonstrate caring is through the listening factor. She ensures to maintain the communication process by providing telephone numbers through which the patient can make contact (Wagle, 2013). She communicates with the patient by listening and scrutinizing the patient’s point of view and clarifies to the patient the importance of engaging in the activities the patient had previously taken for granted. It includes knowledge of the broad areas of nursing intervention w… You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper. Caring also provides the nurse a chance to manage the health of a patient and reduce the risk of other people getting infected. For example, it is a vain effort to treat patient without eliminating the disease causing factor which is found in the environment. Since she is part of his environment, she tries to prepare diabetic friendly meals and encourages him to participate in the exercises prescribed. IvyPanda. The patient needs to have faith and show hope to recover. (2019, July 1). For example ensuring an individual receives all the childhood vaccines will reduce chances of the individual suffering from these diseases later in adulthood. Caring for a patient that has lost hope will frustrate the care giver as the patient will not practice self care that is essential part of the caring concept. In nursing practice, communication is essential, and good communication skills are paramount in the development of a therapeutic nurse/patient relationship. Jean Watson’s Caring theory has a great place in nursing practice. Caring is an ongoing process that never ends, so nursing is a challenge will conquer every day with a smile on my face. Compassion is about providing intelligent care which exhibits empathy, kindness, trust, respect and dignity, but moreover, it is how the patient feels about the care they receive (Cummings and Bennett 2012). Nursing as a Career, Vocation, or Job? Since nursing involves the care of individuals, assessing the effect of caring services as a variable in nursing paves way for assessing nursing. Social care services aid in the recuperation of the patient. Asthma causes the muscles in the airways to tighten and the lining of the airway becomes swollen and inflamed, producing sticky mucous. It is thus essential to care for the care giver by putting in place necessary measures to prevent being affected by harmful substances. Caring and compassion are two different characteristics with similar meanings. She also shows a readiness to participate in the health nurturing process of her husband. In her carative factors, nurses should develop a trusting, supportive and caring relationship … There are many definitions of the concept caring as understood by different scholars, However, the real meaning of caring is hard to be captured but its effect on a patient can be assessed (Geissler, 1990). Essay on Caring in Nursing. The goal of nursing is to promote health and this cannot be achieved without caring for patients. C will you be using a essay caring nursing chart or graph and then usually saved as a resource in the verb can be used to get wreaked these days. Nursing care refers to the services provided as a humanitarian gesture that involves the value of health determined by physical, social and emotional aspects of caring. Caring is also manifested in simple daily activities that promote good health. Nursing care consists of the creative and imaginative process of providing a cushion against physical, social emotional and environmental factors that may affect human health and recuperation by promoting caring behaviors that foster sustenance of human health. Proper care to disinfect gynaecological materials should always be maintained. The kids may suffer from psychological trauma related to lack of maternal care. She comes up with a chart that will help the patient monitor his eating patterns. The patient’s willingness to attend the clinic and participate in the prescribed activities is also seen as a major step in self care process. Wagle, K. (2013). Caring in Nursing. This helped the patient in making an informed decision. Knowing from, Miltiades: The Battle Of The Greco-Greek War, Positive And Negative Impacts Of New Economic Policy 1991, Importance And Importance Of Chartered Accountancy. “Sharing and hearing individual narratives of what compassionate care looks like, helps to stimulate and challenge how individual practitioners and teams think about and practically deliver this type of care” (Adamson and Smith 2014), listening to experiences, responding to feedback and having caring conversations can keep the delivery of compassionate care a priority for nurses. Nurturance: The spirit of holistic nursing. (1995). I intend to be a nurse who will never give up on her patients no matter how terminal their illness, I will always be there encouraging them to enjoy every second they have. Watson’s theory of caring is based on the concept of human relationships and consists of carative factors that should embody the nurse. Diabetes Spectrum, 16(1), 32 – 36. As an example, for nurses to have relevance, adaptability, humor, good posture…, The concept of caring can take on many diverse yet similar definitions. Owing to the emotional connection that binds the patient and the care giver, some level of suffering of the patient can stress and depress the care giver. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must.
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