Social and behavioral scientists study the individual's relationship to the communities they belong to. Median annual wage: Varies according to specialty; $198,740 for family physician, Common entry-level degree: Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Likelihood that robots will take your job: 0%. Nuclear medicine technologists conduct specialized procedures like computed tomography (CT) scans and positron emission tomography (PET) scans to help doctors diagnose and treat different diseases. Geophysicists focus on the physical structure and properties of the earth. Psychologists may work in a variety of different settings. 15 Best Part-Time Jobs For College Students, David Eagleman, neuroscientist and science communicator, Sam Harris, neuroscientist and public intellectual, Susan Hockfield, neuroscientist and university administrator, Kiki Sanford, neurophysiologist and science communicator. All states require registered nurses to be licensed. Depending on your focus, you may need either a PhD or an MD degree. You can also earn a degree in radiologic technology, followed by a certificate in nuclear medicine technology. Focusing on the far reaches of space can come with a hefty paycheck. The idea is to identify environmental threats and develop plans for dealing with them. With a bachelor's or associate's degree in behavioral science, you can find entry-level employment in numerous professions, including social work and other community services. The Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University analyzed the median salaries of full-time workers between the ages of 25 and 59 who graduated from different college programs. Just enter your zip code into the following search tool to start discovering convenient programs near you! Without water, life on earth would cease to exist. Astronomers seek to understand how planets, stars, and galaxies form and evolve. Medical research scientists conduct research and perform experiments with the goal of understanding and improving human health. Apply to Facilities Technician, Junior Associate, Analyst and more! The highest-paying science jobs require varying levels of education. The U.S. government is always looking for economists, says John Paul Engel, president of executive recruiting and consulting firm Knowledge Capital Consulting. Entry Level Behavioral Analyst Jobs. Education requirements vary based on the opening, but typically employers look for applicants with at least a bachelor’s degree, though sometimes they will target applicants with master’s degrees. Opportunities abound in the petroleum, food processing, environmental, and pharmaceutical industries. Do you dream of unraveling the mysteries of the deep sea? The education requirements to become a substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor vary by state, but most enter the field with at least a bachelor’s degree. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. That's the main question pharmacologists try to answer. They research and develop theories about the fundamental principles governing the interactions between energy and matter. in History from the Honors Tutorial College. Neuroscientists research the brain's functions and investigate neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. A behavioral scientist must hold a four-year bachelor’s degree, preferably in behavioral science, psychology, clinical psychology, or sociology.Not all universities offer specialized behavioral science degrees at the undergraduate level, so related fields may be the best option. Chemists might analyze the composition of different substances, create new compounds for specific purposes, or evaluate the purity or quality of chemical products. They are also paid handsomely for their work; neurosurgeons are among the highest-paid doctors. You'll need a bachelor's degree to do the more advanced work of a technologist. This is one of the best-paying entry-level science jobs. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, helping keep Indeed free for job seekers. Your duties and responsibilities differ greatly depending on the field in which you work. Others may assist law enforcement as forensic psychologists. Join Over 1.5 Million People We've Introduced to Awesome Schools Since 2001, Home > Articles > Highest Paying Science Jobs, "I recommend using because you can find the program that you are interested in nearby or online. Tracy, CA. Entry-Level Behavioral Science Jobs. Entry Level Careers in Behavioral Science. While entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree at a minimum, students may want to consider earning an advanced degree to stand out among other applicants. Nuclear technicians adjust and repair reactors to keep them operating safely and instruct workers about safety protocols and decontamination procedures. Get the right Applied behavioral science specialist job with company ratings & salaries. There are over 13,204 behavioral science careers waiting for you to apply! Training in earth sciences will serve you well in this field. matches students with schools and is compensated when a visitor requests and receives information from our clients. Most pharmacists work in community pharmacies, but some work in hospitals and clinics, advising health care personnel about drug dosages and interactions. Opportunities are available in construction, mining, land development, and environmental protection. Career Options. A bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology may allow you to become an entry-level human resources executive. To join the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit as a special agent, you must first serve at least three years as a general special agent prior … $12-$17 Per Hour (Glassdoor est.) 139 social behavioral sciences jobs available in Chicago, IL. Jobs in behavioral economics and related areas. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! Industry certifications can boost your employment prospects. The majority of their job involves gathering data and calculating statistics based on that data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that many entry-level criminal justice careers should experience above-average growth between 2016 and 2026, including paralegal and forensic science technician careers. Science journalists may write about all branches of science for newspapers, magazines or websites. Wildlife biologists conduct surveys of wildlife populations, examine how animals reproduce and interact, and investigate how diseases spread among wild animals. Two years of post-secondary training can prepare you for this career. They conduct experiments and develop clinical procedures. If you are interested in neuroscience, but you aren’t interested in pursuing a job in an explicitly scientific field, you might consider becoming a sales representative for a pharmaceutical or biotech company. Fundamentally, chemistry is about the study of matter at the molecular and atomic levels. With an associate degree in nursing, you can qualify for entry-level positions. Depending on a person's educational background, behavioral scientist jobs might include working in the medical or mental health field, careers in physical and social anthropology, criminal justice positions, or the study and care of animals. Neurosurgeons treat injuries, illnesses or diseases of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves through surgical methods. They look at how processing changes each type of material and how materials can be combined to create products with specific characteristics. There are many specialties available in this field. While pharmacists are typically involved in patient care, pharmacologists generally focus on research. It's true that with a PhD or Master of Science degree, jobs in research and management become more available to you. They might concentrate on finding hidden reserves of oil and minerals or determining the best location for power plants or dams. It is common for psychometrists to have a doctorate in a related field. Sam Benezra is a graduate of Ohio University with a B.A. Likelihood that robots will take your job: 11%. These are the qualities needed for CIA analytic positions. Administering radioactive drugs in order to find abnormalities in lungs, brains, livers, kidneys, and other areas can also lead to a satisfying paycheck. Psychologists are typically trained more rigorously in treating patients using non-drug therapies like psychotherapy, and in most states, psychologists are not allowed to prescribe drugs. Psychometrists are professionals who are trained to administer and score psychological tests. Sort by: relevance - date. Studying atmospheric phenomena to make predictions about future climate and weather conditions is among the highest-paying science careers. Chemical technicians support the work of chemists and chemical engineers in scientific research and product development. Answer these 3 easy questions to get started, 24 of the highest-paying science jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree or better, 7 science jobs that pay well with less than a 4-year degree, Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical administration—$113K, Nuclear, industrial radiology, and biological technologies—$66K, Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical administration—$118K, Nuclear, industrial radiology, and biological technologies—$97K. Because there are relatively few neurosurgeons, they tend to work long hours and are given an inordinate amount of responsibility and duties. With science training of just two years or less, you can qualify for these well-paying positions. You’ve just spent a … The low-stress way to find your next social behavioral sciences job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Speech-language pathologists, also called speech therapists, work with patients of all ages who struggle with communication or swallowing disorders. Social Science jobs. Behavioral scientist jobs span a huge range from consumer marketing jobs to animal training. Save job Not interested Report job $52082 national avg. But which science-related degrees can lead to the highest earning potential? An advanced degree is typically required. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who work in the area of mental health. 200 N. LaSalle St. Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60601. job seekers. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. A bachelor's degree in chemical engineering can get you started. Graduates can find entry-level work with social service and community outreach agencies, or they may enroll in master's or doctoral programs. Most psychologists have a doctorate in psychology (Ph.D.) or a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) They also work with individuals and their families to devise treatment plans and help them cope with recovery and build relationships. Salary Information. ... We are seeking dynamic individuals to fill Entry Level part-time positions (some will increase to full time) providing 1:1 ABA therapy for children with autism. Are you fascinated by tiny organisms that can't be seen by the naked eye? However, you can become a technician with just an associate degree. Their ultimate goal is to find ways to prevent, contain, and treat issues of public health. 666 Entry Level Behavioral Science jobs available on Likelihood that robots will take your job: 0.4%. Jobs for computational scientists involve using high-performance computers to further scientific knowledge. Others may be employed by a school, business, or other organization to provide mental health services to students or employees. They use their engineering expertise and in-depth understanding of biological systems to create anything from artificial organs and imaging machines to surgical lasers and radiation therapy equipment. So if you're interested in scientific careers, you have plenty of lucrative possibilities to consider. Oceanographers study everything from ocean currents and marine life to coastal erosion and plate tectonics. The top-paying science jobs list includes physics, chemistry, pharmacology, genetics, microbiology, geology, medical research, forensics, and more than half a dozen other areas. degree, and a doctorate and licensure are necessary to practice clinical psychology, although a master’s degree can be sufficient for some positions in schools or businesses. A person pursuing a career in behavioral science has many job options. Are you prepared to take advantage of such lucrative opportunities? Based on the results, here are 10 of the highest-paying science majors at the bachelor's level: As you might expect, median earnings were generally higher for those with graduate degrees: Of course, each of these majors can lead to numerous careers, and salaries vary widely depending on the specific position as well as your level of experience and education. These 2-year programs can introduce students to many of the basic concepts of behavioral science, while also touching on a variety of core education requirements. You'll need at least a master's degree for this career. They may focus on anything from muscles and joints to bodily tissues and internal organs. Want to use chemistry to solve problems? They are trained to evaluate speech, language and swallowing ability, provide diagnoses, and carry out treatment plans. Psychiatrists … That could mean conducting environmental impact assessments, monitoring air and water quality, or overseeing the cleanup of contaminated sites. Pharmacist: $126K. These professionals use sophisticated microscopes and other lab equipment to examine blood, tissue, and cell samples for abnormalities or signs of illness. Becoming a physician requires a lot of time and hard work. Others are involved in pharmaceutical research. Sort by: relevance - date. Common entry-level degree: Doctorate degree, Likelihood that robots will take your job: 22%. 3d. Most psychologists are clinical psychologists who have a private practice or work in a health care institution. As a result, the two practices tend to be quite different. The term “physician” refers to a wide range of medical practitioners that may include family and general doctors who treat a range of everyday conditions and illnesses, pediatricians who treat children and young adults, general internists who provide nonsurgical treatment for problems that affect internal organs, or a wide variety of specialists who have expertise and treat specific organs or conditions. International Jobs Career Advice Salary Search. Aspiring psychometrists will want to take coursework in mathematics and statistics as well as psychology and neuroscience. Easy Apply. The majority are employed in research facilities, testing companies, and universities, although it is also common to find psychometrists working in health care facilities, law enforcement and criminal justice facilities, and even the military. ... Entry-Level Behavior Therapist. Sort by: relevance - date. In this role, you could inspect public places for environmental hazards, collect and test air and water samples, conduct impact studies of new development projects, or help develop plans to clean up contaminated sites. If the role you’re interviewing for works … Page 1 of 145 jobs. You can get into the field with a bachelor's degree in physics or atmospheric science. They study the properties, effects, and therapeutic uses of different chemical compounds. Examining how diseases are caused and how outbreaks spread among human populations is the focus of epidemiologists. Indeed ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on Indeed. Collaborative. An associate degree can get you started in this field. Apply to Behavior Technician, Academic Advisor, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Entry-level Opportunities and more! Search Social science entry level jobs. Want to make a decent income in the science field without spending umpteen years in school? Most employers look for sonographers with associate degrees and professional certification. Medical research scientists seek to find new ways to improve human health. Psychiatrist. Drawing on their knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biology, materials scientists analyze the properties, structure, and performance of different materials in order to adapt them for specific uses. About Science Careers:Jobs. Page 1 of 46 jobs. Page 1 of 184 jobs. They use powerful telescopes and satellites to observe celestial bodies and make predictions about the future of the universe. Your duties and responsibilities differ greatly depending on the field in which you work. Posted: (2 months ago) A: Entry-level jobs in behavioral science include jobs in academic research, social services, social work, mental health counseling, economics, and marketing and advertising. Identifying and preventing environmental contamination is the main goal of environmental science and protection technicians. New behavioral science careers are added daily on Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Microbiologists seek to understand how bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses interact with the things around them. Forensic science technicians collect physical evidence at crime scenes and analyze it in laboratories. Behavioral Interview Questions 6-10 Client-facing Skills. Behavioral Science jobs in Toronto, ON. So be sure to keep the salary figures in proper perspective. With a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and a bit of experience gained during your time studying at a university, you’ll qualify for one or more of these positions post-graduation. In some states, lab technologists must be licensed. They study the underlying causes of different diseases and try to develop methods of treating and preventing such problems. Employers. Physicians, or medical doctors, are professionals who examine and diagnose patients, and treat injury and illness. The low-stress way to find your next behavioral science job opportunity is on SimplyHired. 13,204 behavioral science jobs available. Common entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree, Likelihood that robots will take your job: 25%. Here is a list of 12 jobs for neuroscience majors: It is very common for neuroscience majors to end up attending medical school and pursuing a career as a physician. Graduates with a bachelor's degree can also enter other exciting careers, like policing, corrections, or mediation. They also identify and map the geological features of different areas. The career-focused training available from vocational colleges and technical institutes can set you up for success in many different science-related occupations. After you get your bachelor’s degree, you’re going to need to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), attend medical school for 4 years and earn a medical degree, and then complete a residency program, which typically takes 3-7 years depending on your specialty. Likelihood that robots will take your job: 90%. Do you want to be on the front lines of food safety? Your duties and responsibilities differ greatly depending on the field in which you work. If you have a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, you will likely want to pursue further education, and probably a master’s degree in counseling and psychology. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors work with individuals who are struggling with substance addiction or other problem behaviors, such as eating disorders, conduct disorder, and attention deficit disorder, among others. Many epidemiologists work for hospitals, government agencies, academic institutions, and humanitarian organizations. As an environmental scientist, you could concentrate on protecting people from environmental hazards or minimizing humankind's impact on the earth. Behavioral science mainly studies human behavior through anthropology, psychology and sociology. Displayed here are job ads that match your query. This is a multi-disciplinary field that generally requires an advanced degree. If you are interested in science but would like to write for a living, a neuroscience major can prepare you well for a career as a science journalist. An early career Behavioral Scientist with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of $65,000 based on 13 salaries. A physicist is one of the most common jobs that come to mind when people think of scientists. The average BA in psychology degree includes perception and cognition, social psychology, evaluating psychological research, and perspectives on psychological issues. Most technicians specialize in either lab work or fieldwork. These professionals are trained to evaluate patients’ mental health and provide diagnoses when appropriate. The BAU operates in three departments: crimes against children, crimes against adults, and counter-terrorism and threat assessment. Behavior analysis is a useful skill that can help graduates build a career in a number of fields from human resources to animal training. If you want to work in hospital management, look for a first job in a doctor's office. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, playing guitar, and writing songs. Displayed here are Job Ads that match your query. Traditionally, this path has led to social work and counseling, but thanks to efforts to curb obesity and diabetes and reduce the cost of medical care, people pursuing a career in social and behavioral science can expect to be in high demand. Most of them work in labs. Analysis. Because psychiatrists are medical doctors, in order to become one, you will need to complete medical school, residency, and for certain specialists, a one- or two-year fellowship. You'll need excellent communication skills to testify in court and write reports. An associate degree is typically required. Working closely with doctors, registered nurses use their scientific expertise to evaluate patients' health and explain how to manage different illnesses or conditions. Some may also have medical degrees. Undergraduate neuroscience majors typically pursue advanced degrees in neuroscience or a related field like psychology, and many choose to go to medical school and pursue a career as a physician or surgeon. 89 Entry Level Associates in Behavioral Science jobs available on Behavioral science degree jobs range from starter gigs at a doctor's office to top personnel at medical centers. Becoming a sales representative only requires a bachelor’s degree, though many pursue additional education as well. Common entry-level degree: Master’s/Doctorate degree. This is a job for only the most ambitious neuroscientists. Supporting criminal investigations can be an exciting way to put your scientific knowledge to work. To earn a job teaching at the post-secondary level, you will need at least a master’s degree, but you will typically need a doctorate for a full-time tenure-track professorship.
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