Best For: Sensitive scalps and hot climates. Air Dry Mousse is my go-to when I want to boost waves and encourage natural texture on fine to medium hair. Add to trolley. Regardless of your hair length, type, or texture, there’s a mousse out there for you. Massage a pump or two into damp hair (like you would a mousse) and it will soften, fight frizz and add definition to re-create Aniston's iconic beachy texture. Oribe Gradiose claims to provide all-day flexible hold, and while it mostly delivers on that promise, it does so with some shortcomings. We’ll discuss that as well. Here’s how I got on…, Losing my job had its upsides, here's why it could be exactly the push you need, ‘Bent waves’ is the beachy, natural hairstyle we’re all asking for in salons. If you have long hair, blow dry it, but only with the appropriate attachment – hit curls or waves with a diffusor, and straight hair with a concentrator nozzle. Mousse is by far the most versatile hairstyling product on the market – its multitude of applications and wealth of secondary benefits ensure it will remain a cornerstone of cosmetics for years to come. Hair spray is best employed as a preliminary or finishing product rather than the sole actor in your hairstyling lineup. in some people. Deva Curl Frizz-Free Foam includes lemongrass and sunflower seed oil, which add a touch of shininess to your hair. Always, always, always begin with clean hair. Your mother’s favorite hairstyling product she tossed in the trash with her oversized shoulder pads and spandex workout ensemble circa 1988? Redken advertises this player in its haircare lineup as a hybrid of the best qualities of both gels and mousses, and remarkably manages to fulfill that promise – Stay High Mousse adds mousse-like volume and bounce to straight hair while also holding your chosen style in place nearly as securely as a gel would. Best For: Straight hair and long-term hold. 150ml Styling Mousse Can. Best part? This major time-saving wash and wear foam creates perfect air-dried waves. The innovative ‘wash and wear’ formula enhances and encourages your hair’s natural wave patterns for more consistency, softer strands, minimised frizz and boosted definition. John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air-Dry Waves Styling Foam 150ml. People with this hair type will want to use a moisturizing, anti-frizz mousse like Deva Curl. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of hair mousse earlier in this article, but let’s restate them briefly. Read the full reviews. This lightweight mousse enables you to style your hair as desired and holds it in place while still retaining some natural texture and flexibility. Air Dry Foam enhances your natural wave pattern so it will give a bit of volume throughout your hair. But, you can get rid of this by scrunching your hair with your hands once it fully dries. Lightweight foam adds shine, and contains Moringa Oil. So why use hair mousse? Any other hair? No crunchiness or stiffness was experienced at all. Hair gel’s holding properties are useful for certain looks, but hair mousse presents much greater style flexibility. You definitely need your own natural curls or wave, which it will enhance and hold. We respect your privacy. Additionally, this mousse boasts heat protection and humidity resistance. When it comes to curly hair, “hold” really means “moisturized.” There’s not much worse than stepping out the door in the morning with perfectly styled curly hair and realizing at noon that your formerly luscious locks are drier than Jonah Hill’s in Superbad. Our favorite mousse for wavy hair is Ouai Air Dry Foam. This is fuss free styling for girls on the go. Wavy hair? £8.95. Unfortunately, I don't think the Air Dry Foam would work on straight hair. To be fair, the Ouai's version is technically a 'foam', and when I pumped it out into my palm it was a lighter, airier texture than the old school mousse's I've tried way back when. Once you’ve done that, you can review our list and find the best mousse for you. Factors to Consider in a Great Hair Mousse, Polymer-based formula volumizes and thickens every strand of hair, Requires a smaller amount of product per use than competitors, Adds all the volume you could want from a mousse, Pleasant aroma, color safe, and heat resistant, The lightweight formula won’t give you as much volume or hold as other brands, Doesn’t have as many extra benefits as other products on this list, Grants great volume even to very fine hair, Great for fine and curly hair, but not as useful for other hair types, Formulated to heal and protect aged, damaged hair, There’s no real reason to use this over other products if you don’t have dry, damaged hair, Helps consumers boost the waviness (or curliness) of their hair, Ouai Air Dry Foam is intended for people with wavy or curly hair, and won’t do much for anyone else, Holds styles much better than most mousses, Not a good choice for folks with curly or natural hair, Great choice for anyone with color-treated hair – it won’t conflict with your favorite color, No reason to use this if you don’t have color-treated hair. Most mousses create volume through distributing coating agents throughout your hair; as your hair dries, those coating agents push hair strands outwards, leading to the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair. Natural hair is particularly vulnerable to shrinkage and dryness, so we recommend a nourishing mousse that provides extra definition. Smells amazing too. Mousse 2.0 doesn’t offer the strong, long-lasting hold provided by hair gel, but compensates by providing greater flexibility while still preserving the integrity of your chosen hairstyle. There are four primary hair types – straight, wavy, curly, and coily – and each can be further divided into subtypes. tgin Honey Whip foots that bill by hydrating the hair with coconut and argan oil. £4 £6 £2.00 per 100ml. 'I promise you, it's not the end of the world. And rightly so, because she's a bit of a wig wizard. Comb the mousse through the hair with a wide-tooth comb to create even distribution. "When your hair is still damp, apply a volumising mousse and brush through until smooth," says Ben. Mousse 2.0 is a multifaceted cosmetic. Essential Oils for Dandruff Control – Which Ones Actually Work? Hair mousse? Be sure to use a small amount – Mousse 1.0 is anathema in the 21st century not least because it leaves your hair feeling gross and crunchy. Continue to scrunch your hair as it dries. Hair mousse should be applied to damp (not wet or dry) hair in a tennis ball-sized amount. Just keep in mind that regular use of hair spray leads to buildups, so you’ll need to wash your hair frequently. 27 products found Refine by John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse 200ml. As they say, “Everything old is new again.”. Creates soft, touchable, non-sticky waves as hair dries naturally. It’s also heat-protected and color-safe. TCHH bind with each other and keratin molecules into cross-links; layers of these cross-links form the backbone of the molecular networks that shape hair follicles into curl patterns. Although L’Oreal Paris AIR DRY IT Mousse does a lot to control your hair, its strong hold can be a little too strong, causing your hair to feel a bit crunchy. Farrah Fawcett-esque big hair isn’t exactly the look du jour, but you can still volumize your hair without seeming like you just walked out of an 80s themed costume party. Panthenol is a key ingredient here – it’s a B5 provitamin that moisturizes and softens hair but doesn’t impede Air Dry Foam from holding styles in place. Best for Damaged Hair: Alterna Caviar Mousse, 7. Also called “Natural Hair,” coily hair is dry and springy and arranged in very tight, zig-zagging curls. Although all curly hair is predisposed to frizziness, this is especially a problem for folks with very tight curls. Step 1: After shampooing and conditioning, detangle your hair in the shower. Encourage natural texture and movement whilst fighting frizz and adding volume and definition. Once you’ve fully distributed the product, flip your head over and blast dry the hair with a hairdryer. Oribe Grandiose comes at a hefty price – nearly $7 per ounce – but its volumizing effect is even heftier. Includes a floral fragrance. While it’s not cheap, a little bit of this mousse goes a long way, so you’ll get a lot of mileage from each bottle. To give your face-framing strands those Hollywood-esque exaggerated bends, grab a couple of bobby pins and secure them in place over the hair that’s tucked behind your ears. The ideal mousse for anyone with mature, and/or dyed hair, ColorProof LiftIt Mousse is a lightweight formula, but nevertheless adds significant body. Like mousse, hair gel utilizes polymerization to achieve hair volumizing and hold. While lighter than a face cleanser, Ouai Air Dry Foam nonetheless manages to amplify and preserve waves and curls while keeping the hair soft and pliable. You’ll still be able to run your fingers through your hair and it will feel soft and natural. My natural hair has a wavy texture, but after becoming a blonde it lost some definition and became straighter. You shouldn’t – another item on our list will do you better. While a multitude of genes influence hair types, the TCHH gene – so called because it produces trichohyalin (TCHH) proteins – deserves most of the credit (or blame, if you hate your hair.) Naturally curly hair ranges from large, loose loops to tight, densely packed coils. However, we can’t in good conscience recommend any Deva Curl products without noting the recent accusations that they cause scalp irritation and hair loss (!) While technically a mousse, Redken intended this product to carry certain qualities of gels as well – hence it’s unusually strong holding qualities for a mousse. Healthy Sexy Hair Fresh Hair Air Dry Styling Mousse. And some of those other genes may be receptive to epigenetic management, so there’s hope for people who worry that even when styled with Mousse 2.0, their natural hair shape is simply not good enough for the Gram.
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