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Where the Draw doesn’t work, Draw No Bet!

dnbSeveral times between rival fans we have a situation where one bets on the ace and the other one on the double. If a draw occurs, there is no winner. Has it ever crossed your mind that your rival could be a bookmaker? That’s right!

It’s a betting method with loyal followers. Example: Barcelona will play an away game against Levante, having many absences, and after playing a difficult game in the Champions League. Therefore, you get carried away and think that it is unlikely for the double to be the winner thus giving the ace the probability of a win. The odds of 5.00 on the ace, are quite attractive so you bet your money on Levante. Surprisingly, the final score is 0-0 and although you had predicted correctly, you still lose!

You would have your stake returned, simply by betting the same amount on draw instead of ace. Let’s say you had bet, for example, EUR 20 on Levante and the draw odds were 3.30,  when you should have bet 20 / 3.3 = EUR 6 on draw and the remaining EUR 14 on ace.

This betting strategy is widely used online and it is known as Draw No Bet. The odds are calculated in such a way that they allow the betting companies to profit from the money you bet on X for cover.

For instance, instead of placing two individual bets (EUR 14 on the ace with odds of 5.00 and EUR 6 on Χ with odds of 3.30), the bookmaker is giving you the opportunity to place this specific bet with fixed odds of 3.50 on Ace Draw No Bet (1 DNB). In other words, 14×5=70=20×3.50.