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live-bettingHere is a short introduction to Live Bet. Live bet is the type of bet that offers you the possibility of betting in real-time during the course of a match. The odds change according to the progress of the event you have chosen. You have plenty of options to choose from; predict who is going to win the next corner, foul, penalty, who is going to receive the next yellow or red card or who is going to score the next goal and how, and of course, which team is going to win the game.

Live bet is one of the most popular ways to bet on sporting events. Many bettors do not place any bets until 10 minutes after the kick-off, in order to check how the game progresses. Also, many bettors go after the twists during the game; and why not doing so, since last Thursday, Omonia’s Klodian Duro scored against Manchester City at 50 minutes. This twist resulted in a rise in Man. City’s price at 3.80 from 1.90 up until that moment. I have to admit that I am also a fan of this type of betting.

Livebet is a tool that gives me the opportunity to cover betting slips and secure my money. Let me give you an example: Let’s say it’s Saturday and I have placed 3 wagers on midday matches and an evening one, totalling €10. All three midday wagers are winners, and I am waiting for the outcome of the evening match. While watching the game, I check the Live bet online. In case the team in favour of which I had placed the bet is not playing as expected, I modify the stake on the betting slip* to Χ2. If, on the contrary I believe that my team will score a goal and my belief turns out correct, I will cover Χ2, this time with a higher price, due to the fact that my team is ahead.

*This is how I ensure that I will make a profit regardless of the outcome. You can also achieve that in the following way: Let’ say that your last game’s score is 0-0. If your team wins, you get €100. The Χ2 price at this moment is 2,00. What you need to do is divide the win price of your bet slip by the Χ2 odds. That is, 100€ / 2,00 = 50€. So, in case you bet €50 on Χ2, you have secured your bet from the very beginning. In total, you bet €50 live + €10 betting slip = €60 and you get €100. Your profit decreased because you didn’t take any risks. But, if you took the risk and waited for your team to score the first goal, the value of X2 would have risen. Finally, if your team scores a goal, the Χ2 price will go up from 2,00 to 4-5. So, you need to bet around 20-25€, in order to secure your bet.